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Hairless Craze amongst Men & Women: Laser Hair Removal Working Its Magic

Hairless Craze amongst Men & Women: Laser Hair Removal Working Its Magic

Everyone wants to look beautiful.
Flawless, hairless skin is the first condition of beauty.
If you haven’t given laser hair removal a shot so far, it is high time for you to go for it.
And if you are a modern man who has just realized that his body hair is more of a turn off rather than being a turn on for them, you will surely find this blog as useful as it is for a woman.
In the subsequent writings here, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge on laser hair removal procedure that works its magic for both, men and women. So, let’s start!

Laser Hair Removal: An Introduction

Basically, laser hair removal is a technique for getting a complete rid of unwanted body hair.
Unlike other hair removal procedures like using wax strips or a razor, the laser hair elimination brings long-lasting results to users.
It’s less painful than other methods and the pain associated to the process is compared to a rubber snapping against your skin.
Most importantly, it effectively eliminates hair from your different body parts. Though, at starting, this procedure seems very expensive, panful, and time-taking, butit may save yourmoney and most importantly time in the long run.
Also, it has no side effects like other methods of hair removal and gets sure shot results for those looking for a clearer, cleaner skin.

See the Laser in Action

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Actually, it is highly focused, single colored light beam that carries enormous amount of energy.
It can travel through long distances without scattering.
Laser has found its usage in a vast range of applications but those are used in hair removal are medical grade laser that are safe to use on all human skin types.
In order to understand how laser works, we need to know the hair structure first.
Actually, a hair strand has a follicle that rests deep into the dermis. The bulge or base area of this follicle gets attached to the sub cutis where blood vessels supply the hair follicle with Oxygen that is necessary for growth of the hair. This hair strand holds a pigment called melanin which gives hair its color.
This means that the darker the hair is, the more melanin will it hold. This melanin is the part which actually absorbs the laser light.
What actually happens is that when the laser light is emitted, it gets absorbed by this melanin. While it’s travelling through the hair length, light energy gets converted to heat energy which when reaches the follicle; it immediately destroys the follicle or hair root. So, the hair never grows back.

Find If You Are a Suitable Candidate for the Laser Treatment

Laser is attracted to darker hues. It doesn’t do the things for lighter skin and hair type. This means that if your skin color is darker than your hair you won’t find laser a much effective treatment for yourself.
Simply put, people with gray or blond hair will not benefit from laser hair removal. In contrast, people with darker hair and lighter skin will be the best candidate for this sort of treatment.
It is equally important to note that if you have a tan; laser will only worsen your situation and won’t be so much effective. This is because, tanning occurs due to excessive melanin present in the affected skin area.
This melanin attracts laser light and converts it into heat. This heat burns the upper layer of your skin. So, before you go for the laser treatment, make sure that you are not having a tan.

What Body Areas Respond Quickly To the Laser Beam?

Laser is effective anywhere in the body but parts those have lighter skin tone than areas usually exposed to sun respond faster to the treatment. This means that underarms, bikini lines and lower lags are ideal areas for this method to work.

How Many Sessions Do One Require For Permanent Hair Removal?

Usually, it takes around 5-10 sessions for complete grooming. Though, the areas with darker and thicker hair will require fewer treatments than those with lighter hair.
Also, you will still require one or two yearly sessions for permanent hair removal once the first course of procedure gets completed.

Why You Need a Course of Treatment?

This is because all our body hairs don’t grow at a same time.
At a given time, only fewer hairs which are fully grown can be removed effectively through laser treatment. So, another session is required to eliminate those hairs which are now fully grown.
This means that to attain a complete clearance, a course of treatment is needed at an interval of 8 weeks for body and 4 weeks for facial hairs.

Is Laser Hair Removal Long-lasting?

Basically two factors influence the result of laser treatment.
The first is the type of hair. White, grey, red, or blond hair due to absence of melanin pigment will not respond to laser beam and hence will be left unattended even after a recurring course of treatment. So, for a positive result, the type of your hair must be thicker and darker.
The next factor is skin complexion. You must understand that laser cannot differentiate between melanin present in the hair or skin. Those with darker skin tone will have greater number of melanin pigment present in their skin.
Hence, laser might burn your skin during the treatment as it will target melanin irrespective of its origin.
On the other hand, if your skin tone is lighter, a dermatologist will be able to use high intensity laser beam to supply melanin with greater amount of light energy. The higher is the light energy the higher will be the heat energy.
Clearly, the high temperature about 70-degrees is enough to completely destroy the hair follicle. This is why it is advised to not have a tan before or during the laser hair removal procedure.

What Is The Ideal Time Interval Between Two Successive Sessions?

Typically, you need to see the dermatologist once in a month for laser hair removal.
However, if your hair growth is faster, in the beginning, you will require frequent sittings at an interval of 3 weeks.
Further, this interval can be increased up to 6 weeks in order to match the lesser hair growth cycle.

Things to Be Considered Before & Between the Laser Hair Removals

Before going for your first sitting at doctor’s clinic, make sure you have shaved all of your hairs on the affected skin area.
Never try to wax these areas as the waxing will temporarily destroy the hair follicle and hence there won’tbe anything for laser to work at.
Also, avoid being in the sun for long to reduce the chance for tanning.

Is Laser Hair Removal Equally Beneficial For Men?

Gone are the days when men considered hair removal as a feminine thing.
Today’s modern man doesn’t want lewd remarks from ladies for his body hairs.
Also, facts like, a man spends 3000 hours of his life grooming his beard and mustache – influence a modern guy to look for powerful alternatives.
However, when looking for the best male laser hair removal treatment, it seems all the systems are designed keeping women in mind only.
Though, there are certain procedures which best suit the men hair removal. Most of these methods are known as IPL hair removal systems that are slightly different from those that are currently being used for effective hair elimination in women.
Before going deeper into male laser hair removal, it is important here to know that on human body, there are two types of hair growth that is observed.
Thick hairs that are usually seen on head, underarms, pubic areas, and lower legs are called terminal hairs. In contrast, fine, transparent hairs on the body are called vellus hairs.
Male hair growth is rough than women’s hair growth. Also, men have terminal hairs that cover most of their body parts.
On the other hand, on a female’s body there is an excess of vellus hair. This is why, men need a different approach towards complete hair elimination via using laser.
So, when it comes to men laser hair removal, a system with higher energy level (5 is considered to be the highest) is used to treat men’s hairs.
Advanced energy system means larger amount of light energy will be absorbed by the melanin pigment and hence it will create higher temperature inside the hair follicle which is needed to destroy the follicle completely.
Now, the question is, will these systems be more painful due to the higher energy associated with them? The answer is, today’s advanced technologies used in IPL laser systems deliver best results to users due to the higher energy but they are made to be less painful as compared to the older methods.
Hence, today’s men can be able to bear via using high standard machines.
However, it is strongly recommended to have one such procedure under the supervision of licensed dermatologist in order to avoid any kind of laser accidents.