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Tinea or Ringworm

Know about Tinea Infections or Ringworm Infections: Video By A Renowned Dermatologist Dr. Rohit Batra

Tinea or Ringworm

Tinea or Ringworm infections refer to various types of fungal infections on the topmost layer of the skin, nails, or scalps. It is further classified on the basis of their fungal type and location on the body.

Tinea Capaitis – fungal infection of the scalp caused by Dermatophytes.

Tinea Corporis – this type of infection takes place on the body.

Tinea Pedis – this type of skin infection takes place on the foot or toes.

Tinea Cruris – it also refers to as jock itch that happens on the groin or moist area of the skin.

On the other hand ringworms are not actual worms, but ring shaped soars which are red and scaly. These fungal infections turn out to be uncomfortable and itchy. In ringworm infections of the scalp, the rounded lesions may appear on the scalp that can cause hair loss. Ringworms occur in all ages, but it is mostly seen in children. It is a contagious disease that is transferred from one person to another through contact of infected skin, clothing, brushes, or any other personal care items. These fungi thrive in warm and damp environments, and can spread through moist surfaces of lockers rooms, floors, etc.

Symptoms for Scalp Ringworms are –

  • Scaly skin appears on the scalp
  • Inflamed or painful patches
  • Hair loss near or away from the affected area
  • inflamed sores on the scalp that may ooze pus

Symptoms for Body Ringworm are –

  • Rash with ring-like appearance
  • Skin becomes red and inflamed
  • Rash with Itchiness

Symptoms of Groin infection or Jock Itch –

  • Itchiness around the groin area
  • Burning sensation and redness in the affected area
  • Scaly skin on inner thighs
  • Symptoms become worse with tight clothing

Symptoms of fungal infection in the beard area –

  • Swelling and pus-filled sores
  • Hair loss
  • Glands that are swollen
  • Raised and open skin


Video-Watch the video to know more about Tinea or Ringworm infections


Today, we are going to talk about Tinea Infection or Ringworm infection. It has been observed that men and women are affected by this fungal infection. This fungal infection takes place where you sweat a lot or places where there is no air movement such as parts on the body that contains folds like in-between the thighs, nails, etc. Nowadays, it has been observed that this infection can happen on any part of the body. The main reason for this is, when people do get these infections, they go to chemists and buy over-the-counter medicine for 2-3 days. Applying that medicine only subsidies the condition, but does not heal it.

This infection has spread all over India, and there are many people who are infected with this fungal infection. To get rid of Tinea or ringworm infection, you need to go to a good skin specialist and not a chemist. This treatment is spread over 3 – 6 weeks, the infection would be treated in 2 – 3 weeks, but the medication should last at least 6 weeks so that there is no relapse of the infection.

As this is a contagious disease, the same towels should not be used as they are moist. People who sweat in the gym or work in sweat should have a bath to remove sweat and keep the body dry with a new towel and clothes. If care is not taken, it can affect other people in the family as well.

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