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Facial Peels

Dermal/Facial Peels

Derma World headed by Dr. Rohit Batra is highest-visited & best-in-class cosmetic clinic. The clinic is best for its chemical peeling treatments in Delhi (West Delhi). We have 4 centers in Rajouri Garden, New Rajinder Nagar, Sir Ganga Ram, & Karol Bagh.

The head skin specialist is known across the world for his expertise & finesse in the field of Chemical peeling, Derma fillers, Botox and other such cosmetic procedures.

Chemical Peels are administered at various centers throughout Delhi. But, what is most necessary before doing peels is determining the correct chemical solution. This is for one’s skin and offering a safe and productive peeling treatment.

We, at Derma World, use our extensive skills and knowledge to allow adult or teenager benefit from a peel. We make sure to check the candidate for any underlying disease or heart condition. Make sure this is before performing any kind of peel. Our self-curated range of peel for different purposes includes:-

  • Salicylic Acid Peels for acne
  • Glycolic acid peeling for acne marks.
  • Lactic acid peels, Mandelic acid peels, pumpkin peels, yellow peel, kojic acid peels etc for Skin whitening & body whitening.


An enduring human desire has been to stop the aging process and live eternally. Though it is impossible to do so, Derma world, a skin specialist clinic, through non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedure known as ‘Facial Peel’ camouflages the ill-effects of sun exposure, dirt, dead skin, acne, and the passing years.



Exposure to UV rays, acne, pollution, or just old age make both the skin tone and texture uneven. Wrinkles, spots, and scars start appearing which can be cured through facial peel.

It is also known as chemical peel. Facial peel is a procedure in cosmetic medicine that uses a non-toxic chemical solution to even out the skin’s texture. This is by removing the damaged outer layers. A facial chemical peel treatment eliminates the top layer of dead skin cells. It energizes the growth of new cells and collagen through deep exfoliation. It provides fresher, cleaner, clearer, and brighter skin texture.



At the Derma world Skin Clinic, under the expert supervision of renowned dermatologists Dr. Rohit Batra and Dr. Neha Batra, the following face peels are offered:

Light Exfoliation: Also known as one coat peel, the results of this process can be seen in 2-3 days. It eliminates the damaged upper layers of the skin. It energizes skin cell regeneration through unclogged pores, reduced comedones and uneven pigmentation.

Deep Exfoliation: It is one of the superior skin treatments for sun damaged skin, deep lines, blotchiness, coarse wrinkles, and acne scars. Deep exfoliation takes 4-7 days for complete peeling. It penetrates to the basal layer of the skin.

Standard Blue Peel: It is a three coat peel. It is a recommended treatment for hyperpigmentation, brown spots, Melasma. Standard Blue Peel is also helpful in reducing roughness, tightening large skin pores, etc. It takes 7-9 days for complete healing and penetrates to the papillary dermis layer of the skin.

Design Blue Peel: It is a 4 coat peel procedure which takes 9-14 days for complete peeling. Design Blue Peel results in refined skin, reduced pore size, elimination of blemishes and pigmented areas, tightening of skin, elimination of superficial scarring, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.



Facial peels are generally carried out on the face, neck and hands. They are effective in treating the following:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines from around the mouth and the eyes
  • Softening the deeper fine lines
  • Rectifying damages done to the tone and texture of the skin
  • Diminishing the signs of aging
  • Harmed skin cells
  • Age spots
  • Treating the damage caused due to exposure to the harmful rays of the sun
  • Dark patches, freckles, etc., caused due to pregnancy
  • Scaling down different types of acne



At Derma World Skin Clinic, the medical experts analyze a patient’s skin. It is to determine if they are an ideal candidate for facial peel or not. People who are suffering from the following might need a different treatment than chemical peel:

  • Darker skin tone
  • Severe wrinkles
  • Loose or sagging skin

Facial peel work best on appropriate skin type, tone, and condition. This non-surgical and non-invasive facial cosmetic surgery provides you a rejuvenated, brighter, and revived skin. This is free from dead skin cells, evenly textured toned, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating collagen production, the procedure helps your skin become smooth and soft, hydrated and nourished, plump and youthful, along with being clear of pigmentation and effects of sun damage, and also clean of breakouts caused by acne.

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