Tattoo Removal

tatoo_removal_imgAdvanced technologies have made the procedure of Tattoo removal more effective and less painful. Various methods of tattoo removal are available today, but the most beneficial process is laser technology, which involves a laser that produces light at precise wavelengths. Skin doctors in Delhi are highly qualified and adept in tattoo removal and employ painless techniques to do so.

The wavelengths pass through the skin, break up the tattoo ink underneath, and allow it to dissolve and get absorbed by the body. Then, varied wavelengths are used to break up different colors of the ink wherein dark colors are the simplest to remove. Intense pulsed light therapy or Diode uses high intensity light instead of laser light in the same way, but this procedure is less painful and more effective than traditional laser therapy. Surgical excision is yet another advanced method which allows the surgeon to remove inked areas with better control. In this method, the surgeon removes the tattoo with a scalpel and closes the wound with stitches. Skin laser treatment in Delhi is offered at Rohit Batra’s Dermaworld Skin Institute with the help of highly experienced doctors who remove tattoos using the laser technology.

Various methods used to remove a tattoo :-

  • Dermabrasion: It employs abrasion methods for removing different layers of the skin and finally the tattoo. This method is highly effective but a little painful. The other method is salabrasion, which uses a mixture of salt and water for removing the layers of skin in the same manner.
  • Excision: Excision cuts the tattoo out, stiches the neighboring skin together and allows it to heal. It is usually used for smaller tattoos.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal: An expensive, but very effective method with a lower risk of scarring. Laser Tattoo Removal is done in multiple sessions to finally remove the tattoo.
  • Removal Creams: Tattoo removal creams have become very popular in the last few years. The results of this cream vary from person to person. Some people find them highly effective while others don’t. You can try these creams if they work for you.
  • Tattoo Cover Up: It simply covers the unwanted tattoo with another tattoo and is one of the most affordable methods. The current tattoo can slightly fade to allow the cover up.

Top dermatologists in Delhi offer quality tattoo removal services at affordable prices.