Tele Dermatology

tele_dermatology_imgTeledermatology is a subspecialty in the field of dermatology and is one of the most common applications of telemedicine and e-health. Teledermatology involves telecommunication technologies to exchange medical information over a distance using audio, visual and data communication. It comprises health care management such as diagnose, consultation and treatment as well as constant education. Teledermatology basically involves offering dermatology services via electronic means. Top dermatologist in Delhi also offer tele dermatology services as per the clients requirements.

The main reason behind this facility is to help your access to quality dermatological care and to also provide free access for patients all across the globe in search of dermatological care at their doorstep. If you are seeking for quality dermatological care, you can either call or access our services online. Our consultants provide complete management and care of skin disorders. These services are also available 24*7. In case, you are a new patient in this field or an established patient looking for an advice on a skin care condition, we will answer all your queries and concerns and provide professional advice skin related problems for informational purposes only. Dermatologists in Delhi are known to offer world class services at affordable prices.

A minimum fee will be charged for this service in providing you with the answers to all your questions on your skin related issues. This will help you in understanding your skin disorder and treatment options better, and importantly find the way to an efficient health care system.