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8 Key Benefits of Laser Toning

Posted by | Jan 04, 2019 |

Let’s just face it— a larger part of women in our country don’t know the right products for their skin! In fact they are actually unaware of their skin type and this is the major cause for most women getting victimized to the premature skin issues.

Even so, countering to the increasing early signs of aging, a recent study by Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists (SDSS) depicted that around 88% of females don’t know the right products for their skin! And using the wrong products on skin can

  • Increase your skin’s aptitude of aging.

  • Weaken the skin barrier against damage.

  • Give on to loss of skin glow & gleam.

Not only it is essential to understand which products are suitable to one’s specific skin needs, but scrutinizing the cosmetic treatments before plunging into them is also important.

For assessment of best skin care products or cosmetic treatments, one can choose an ideal dermatologist or even sign in for an online, dermatologist-approved quiz that can help with better understanding of one’s own skin and recommends the perfect products for your skin type.

Anyone planning to receive a cosmetic correction/augmentation treatment should be well aware that this is an era of passing fancy and that the trend is also typically followed by the doctors/specialists.

When it comes to skin and hair treatment with lasers, the caution needs to be more exponential as the light based treatments are quite critical and thus require to be done only in expert’s hands. For anyone looking for laser treatments would know that laser is a light device possessing source of high intensity light, that has the capability to accurately target at small spots with high energy.

Lasers have appeared to be a wonder cosmetic amplification tool and its beam gently vaporizes the skin tissues to treat various skin issues including:

  • Pigmentation

  • Wrinkles

  • Fine lines

  • Age spots

  • Freckles

  • Unwanted tattoos

  • Acne scars

  • Birthmarks

  • Blemishes

  • Seal blood vessels

  • Spider veins

  • Droopy, dry, sagging eyelid skin and dark circles

  • Improve crow’s feet around the eyes

  • Pucker marks

  • Frown lines

  • Brown spots

  • Uneven skin color, Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Smokers’ line

  • Skin tightening

  • Unwanted hair

  • Skin tissue incision

  • Vascular lesions

Conventional type of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)’s broad spectrum has the potential to particularly treat pigmentation and blood vessels, utilizing the technique of directing short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at non-uniform skin, precisely removing the skin layer by layer.

With the newly advanced and improved technologies, many other skin concerns and diseases too can be treated using Laser therapy.

Laser toning and tightening is a non-surgical cosmetic correction method that utilizes lasers to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to

  1. Promote collagen production (skin’s main protein or building block that provides it its strength, elasticity and radiance).

  2. Restore our skin’s ability to heal it.

  3. Fill in these fine lines & folds via natural processes.

  4. Stimulate blood vessels to constrict and function again as they once did for a smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

  5. Minimal Discomfort, specifically with non-ablative laser treatment, that does not remove any skin layer.

  6. No or Very Little Downtime, with minimal reactions such as; swelling, redness, and warm sensation to the skin, though subside within couple of hours.

  7. Long-Lasting Results, generally last for years.

What are the benefits of Laser Toning?

If you’re looking for a proven method to diminish the problem of pigmentation or want to erase blackheads, birthmark or scar, you’ll definitely want to consider the latest laser treatment options, which can aid addressing the following concerns, among others.

Some key benefits of our laser toning treatments, and how we help to achieve them, including but not limited to:

Sayonara to Scars & Acne scarring

Laser toning has begun to address acne scars and fortunately have shown promising results for large part of receivers.

By stimulating collagen formation deep in the dermis/epidermis, lasers can be a useful tool to improve the appearance of deep set wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and severe acne scars.

Ablative lasers like CO2 lasers is used to help the problem of acne scars, scarring warts, skin cancer, skin tags, saggy skin, birthmarks, moles, sun damage and corns/callus on feet.

Scoop-up the Natural Facelift and Body Sculpting

Usually, a non-surgical face lift and body contouring alternatives benefits patients with

  1. Mild to moderate sagging neck.

  2. Drooping cheeks.

  3. Jowling.

  4. Deep set wrinkles, and other visible signs of facial aging.

Apart from improving facial skin laxity and body’s muscle elasticity, laser toning may also be utilized to improve clement issues on other areas.

By promoting production of collagen, the skin becomes firmer and softer, providing it a natural lift and smoothness.

This non-surgical approach is also ideal for someone who wants to ‘give a wide berth to’ a painfully invasive facelift or has a chronic medical condition that forbids from having surgery.

For instance the new age ‘Ablative Lasers’ are used to make the skin tighter and stouter that has loosened either due to external factors or aging.


What happens in Ablative Lasers process?

In this process, the outer layers of sun damaged or aged skin is removed by directing an intense wavelength of light.

Laser invigorates the underlying skin, resulting in collagen promotion and an evident improvement in wrinkles.

After laser resurfacing, once the skin heals post treatment, new skin forms that is tighter and smoother.

Ablative Lasers are of two types:

  1. Carbon Dioxide Laser (Co2)

  2. Erbium Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Er:YAG)


Blemishes be a Thing of Past

Acne scars when occurs in teenage days or young adolescence seems to last forever, and as with time, acne itself can often come back with a retribution.

Honestly scars are not easy and fast to ‘curtail n constrict’ as with growing age.

Adult acne can be much more annoying than it once was when all of our school going mates was brain-teased with the same skin conditions.

Topical products for some may work temporarily, but laser toning treatments are the real way to restore and rekindle the skin’s proper mechanism.It gets rid of

  • The rock-ribbed dark spots.

  • Whiteheads.

  • Blackheads.

  • Acne scars.

  • Uneven skin tone and blemishes.

An ideal laser toning treatment that successfully deals with this condition include:

  • Laser Genesis

  • Active FX Laser Resurfacing

Dermal lasers are utilized for a wide range of skin problems, including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dark spots, red spots, and a slew of other skin ailments and pigmentation concerns.

No-time-soon-see-you—  Melasma

Melasma can be the worst and utterly frustrating skin ailment to deal with.

Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that induces brown to gray-brown patches on the face.

It is one of the most complex skin conditions to treat, particularly for those with darker skin tones.

Dermatological studies documents that laser toning effectively attenuate the appearance of pigmented lesions and dark spots.

The latest laser toning treatments are sufficed to control Melasma.

Erbium Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Er:YAG) is a present day suited laser treatment for curing

  • Pigmentation problems,

  • Fine lines,

  • Acne scars,

  • Sun damage,

  • Moles,

  • Mild to moderate wrinkles on the face, neck, chest or hands, with lesser side effects, minimal burning of surrounding tissues and faster healing than CO2 Laser treatment.

Wave a goodbye to Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

This epidermal pigmentation condition is most commonly known as PIH. It usually come about following an inflammatory lesion, injury, burn, or skin disorder.

The credence is conceived to be more common in natives of African American or Hispanic descents, though technically it can take place on any skin type.

Specific lasers, cooling devices, and wavelengths can be employed to treat PIH.

Expert dermatologists recommend coupling the laser toning treatments with topical lightening creams for optimal outcomes.

Carbon Dioxide Laser (Co2) accompanies huge risks of pigmentation, pain, redness, burning and itching.So an Erbium Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Er: YAG) is a better and a safer option for the PIH treatment.

Dodge those Nasty Dark spots and Dark Circles

If you observe brown spots on your face, neck or chest that aren’t linked with melasma, PIH or another skin ailment, then they might have been a cause of sun damage.

An appropriate laser treatment can effectively snap off these dark spots away.

An ideal choice of expert aesthetic specialists goes with the application of ruby lasers for such issue, but many other laser and light therapy options are also available.

For Dark circles & under-eye circles, laser toning can be paired with dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Belotero or Restylane.

For obvious reasons, patients and providers alike must be done on specialized protective eyewear to avoid irreversible eye damage during laser/light-based treatments.

No more Freaking out of Freckles

Laser freckle removal is a rapid evolving traction in the dermatological world.

Recent clinical researches also have authenticated that one of the newest laser technologies, fractional CO2 laser, can be capable to diminish the color density of freckles by more than 50% in 30 days.

Pull the Plug ON— Rosacea and Redness

Most frequently caused by telangiectasias, also referred to as spider veins, Rosacea redness is characterized by visible redness and broken blood vessels in the face.

Certain lasers can be incorporated to dismantle these broken blood vessels on the facial areas: cheeks and nose.

Specific types of lasers are recommended by The International Rosacea Foundation to treat Rosacea.

It also warns that the procedure may scarcely cause Rosacea to worsen, particularly when targeted a wrong, laser, wavelength or technique.

Since sufferers of Rosacea are much more likely to experience hostile reactions to certain skincare therapies, treatment should only be provided by highly skilled therapists.

Pulsed Dye Laser is a righteous pick to treat skin conditions like

  • Spider veins.

  • Stretch marks.

  • Rosacea.

  • Birthmarks.

  • Broken capillaries.

  • Vascular lesions.

  • Fine lines around the eyes.

The laser works by directly targeting the blood vessels to contract them, making the skin less itchy & red. It can be used anywhere on the face and body and requires only about 3 to 5 sessions of treatment.

Good thing is that results are permanent. The time taken for healing is just a few hours, during which the redness revokes.

At Derma World, specific laser/light based and Resurfacing, Restoration & Rejuvenation treatments are offered to help tighten skin’s texture and provide the youthful glow one has been missing!

Some useful information

Anti-aging serums/lotions may be our best pals, but there is so much this superficially mystical product can do to fight off aging over time.

Age-related Fine lines and Wrinkles are unavoidable, particularly if you like smiling! Smile lines around the mouth (marionette lines) and eyes are an indication of a happy, long life, but are actually quite frustrating and unwelcoming in mirror image.

So, as we age, topical skin treatments fall incapable with their power of healing imperfections and signs of aging in skin.

Laser toning & resurfacing when paired with Rejuvenating masks and nighttime serums are vital in maintaining the skin’s health over time.

Topical products (anti-aging serums and scar removal creams) alone seem to make ‘little to no’ difference on a day to day basis.


Laser treatments can offer complete rejuvenation, making shed years off the look of skin, while allowing the skin to return to the health of its youth with natural procedures that needs no downtime.

Lasers are today’s LOVE for waving goodbye to the brusque wrinkles and fine lines.