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Medi Facials

Medi Facial in Delhi for Rejuvenated Skin & Anti Aging

If you wish to really rejuvenate your skin, one should opt for ‘Medi-facials’ which perforate the deeper skin’s layers and have a better and long-lasting effect. Get Medi Facial in Delhi (West Delhi) under the supervision of experienced Dermatologist, Dr. Rohit Batra

Going for monthly salon or spa facials is quite common in India. Most women and men too now opt for this beauty ritual which involves the application of various creams and facial massage to clarify the skin, soothe and make it brightening and soft for a few days.

Visit any beauty centre and you will be overwhelmed with different options such as diamond facial, pearl facial gold facial, fruit facial, oxy facial and more to accomplish different purposes and individual needs.

The options are a plethora of but do these superficial facials really help your skin? Actually not so much as much you are being plugged about the regular facial ritual. If you wish to really rejuvenate your skin, one should opt for ‘Medi-facials’ which perforate the deeper skin’s layers and have a better and long-lasting effect.


What is a Medi-Facial?

For those wanting to have younger, healthier-looking skin, a deep clean, revitalizing massaging technique will be your thing. If you seek to get a facial treatment that will really replenish your appearance, there are scientifically graded Medi-facials which can totally transform your skin.

We provide the tailor-made customized medical grade facials that could discretely be perfect for you! A standard procedure of about 45-90 min of result driven Medi-Facials could make for a radiant, younger and healthy-looking skin inside out.

We formulate unique facial approach for each client based on their particular skin type, needs and goals. The experience is inundating relaxing, but you’ll observe real changes in your skin that most conventional spa facials just don’t deliver.

That’s why the term used is “Medi-Facial” –simply a reinforcing supplemented facial harnessed towards accomplishing particular outcomes delineated to repair, restore, and revive the skin.


Quick Medical Facial Treatment benefits:

  • Rejuvenates the dead, dull & dehydrated skin in deep with vitamins for a fresh glow
  • Reduces rosacea, acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • Facial and décolleté cleansing and revitalizing
  • Fades stretch marks, freckles, blotchy skin
  • Needle-free deep skin treatment
  • Painless and stress-relieving
  • No down time
  • Zero skin print
  • Short and pleasant
  • No side effects


Why Medi-facial is better than your regular facial – Find out here!

Medi-facials, as opposed to regular facial are the answer to the age old question of how to get the healthy, youthful and glowing skin.


Benefits of a Medi-facials over Regular Facials are

Different from spa facials

What makes medical facials different from regular facials is that the latter doesn’t address any pre-determined skin concerns before the procedure. With medical facials, the cosmetician will first evaluate your skin and personalize your treatment as per your needs. The specialist not only does an evaluation but also discusses concerns that you may have with your skin and would like to improve what.


Personally tailor-made treatment plans

Since each person’s skin is different and encounters varying concerns and conditions, a Medi-facial’s greatest benefit is that it can be personalized to address the specific problem areas.

Keeping in mind the characteristic, quality and sensitivity of individual specific skin, the intensity of the issue and allergic reactivity, unlike a regular spa/salon facial which remains the same for all clients no matter what the issue they are suffering from or their skin types, Medi-facials yield you the results you wished for.

Medical facials effectually functions on the cellular level: Unlike the normal facials that produce their effect only on the epidermal layer of your skin, a Medi-facial moves deeper into the skin, taking care of the problem at the cellular level in order to boost the benefits.


Clinically Proven

Medi-facials are a scientific-stimulated skin treatments devised to make better the normal skin health as well as to witness individually peculiar skin conditions. Derma World has picked superior-quality science-based products to heal, revitalize, and rekindle your skin.

Unlike the routine beauty facials that uses various chemical compounds or fruit extracts that are only soothing and indulging to the skin, the Clinically-proven Medi-facial brands which use only highly-functional, natural, and practically allergic -free ingredients leave you looking youthful and more radiant.

Scientific Medi-facial like the Clear and Bright Facial keeps the pores clean and prevents breakouts. Infused with marine algae extracts, it offers a refreshing and a hydrating effect.

The aesthetician will either pair your medical facial procedure with other treatments for an enhanced effect, or it can be conducted on its own using certain approaches or ingredients that also the experts will customize.


Plenty of Skin Benefits to correct several skin imperfections

Anyone with a coercing skin problems or someone who is dealing with the prevailing dull, dry, lifeless and blotchy skin; should opt for this treatment as the results attained are well worth your time and effort.

The antioxidants and acids containing in the clinical based medi-facial can effectually be used to reduce redness, lessen wrinkles, smooth fine lines, decrease pigmentation, unclog pores, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, poor skin laxity, increase collagen production, boost cellular turnover, and remove the broken capillaries, while making better the complexion, tone and texture of the skin.

There are a range of Medi-facials that one can select from, such as Anti-aging, Anti-acne, Skin Brightening and many more, on the other hand, the normal facials offers a range of facial massages to relieve the tensed muscles and improve skin tone and complexion for a short while.


Unique formulation for medical skin conditions

Medi-facials are devised in a way to perforate the skin’s layers and have a superior and long-lived effect than normal salon facials.

Medi-facials (also referred to as chemical peels) are skin treatments that are formulated to perk up the overall health of your skin. Using scientific techniques and treatments, it works towards refreshing, rekindling and rejuvenating your skin.

The difference between a Medi-facial and a regular spa facial is that a spa facial is aimed at calming and comforting the skin and is principally created to be pampering and relaxing. Whereas, on contrary, Medi-facial is mainly endeavored to achieve the fixation of deeper skin conditions and concerns that need a clinical approach.


Safety in expert’s hands

The best part of this facial is that it can only be conducted by a licensed cosmetic doctor, dermatologist or aesthetician. Before choosing any type and course of medi-facial treatment, the specialist will first analyze the skin and ask you about any allergic or skin issues that you had previously or any pre existing or prevailing skin concern to assess the appropriate measures.

In many cases, it is performed in combination of chemical peel, laser, and microdermabrasion with strict consideration to the set guidelines.

This is also especially significant since they will be handling prescription strength ingredients and medical aesthetic devices.


Can be used for all skin types and ages

The best part about medical facials, that’s otherwise not present in facials, is that you will be thoroughly assessed to identify which products will suit you well, considering your age and skin. That is why this clinical-based treatment is applicable to anybody of any age who comes in with certain skin issues.

This enables the aesthetician to map out a personalized care plan that is geared towards YOUR set goals. So whether you come in for skin replenishment, repair or restoration or for enhancements, these can be assembled as how you prefer and particularly on what will work best for you.


Use certain products available only from the physicians

Dissimilar to the kind of facial that you get from a beauty salon, medical facials include medical grade active ingredients that are geared to improve the quality and laxity of skin.

These ingredients are not anything that you can purchase yourself from a store because these have to be dealt appropriately and under the correct preparation for it to be safe and successful in delivering therapeutic results.

When blended with the advanced aesthetic facial procedures, these ingredients make for an effective anti-aging facial treatment.

In most cases, a series of medical facials is needed to effectively and cautiously treat these issues.


Aimed at not only improving the appearance of the skin but also boost its health

Medical facials are also formulated to promote the health of the skin by employing the most advanced and effective anti-aging system. This means that not only is the mechanism restricted to the skin’s surface, but it also travels much deeper enabling you to enjoy the outcomes for an enduring period of time.


Encourage continuation of care for skin

The aesthetician also prepares a home care treatment plan that needs you to follow through with the procedure even when you are home, making for an all-involved approach.


Mode of administration

Unlike the spa facials that are manually done, these medical graded facials are carried out using aesthetic devices. At Derma World, there is a huge caboodle of these specialized equipments to choose from for facials.


What conditions can be treated with Medi Facials?

We have a capacious range of skin care facials containing active enzymes, nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, and much more. We ensure that you will experience the most effective, goal-oriented and committed to results Medi-Facial available.
Getting the most appropriate Medi-facial based on elementary factors will have a remarkably visible improvement in your clinical skin condition, as well as tone, texture, elasticity & complexion, and most importantly, improved skin functioning and health.

Medical Doctor/ Dermatologist Dr. Rohit Batra help you select the best medi-facials for your skin.


Our Medi-Facials are tailor –made to help the following skin needs

  • Preventive Skin Care: Specialized medical grade made facial containing antioxidants and extracts of quinoa seeds and goji berries, have encouraging stimulating that aid sin reinforcement of the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Anti-Aging: Serum used in medi-facials helps diminish signs of ageing and keeps the skin looking healthy and youthful.
  • Tanned Skin: Sun damaged skin and brown spots and uneven skin tone is effectively addressed with the specialized medical facial infused in glutathione and essential vitamins
  • Acne, Rosacea & Pigmentation: Medical-facial such as an anti-acne facial helps in elimination of the bacteria that cause inflammation during breakouts with the assistance of LED light. It further reduces the pore size, stabilizes oil production, renew the skin from within and encourages healthy cell growth, thus relieving from acne and pigmentation problems.
  • Melasma: A good medi-facial can cure skin issues that not only show up due to stress or environmental factors but also help in treating conditions like Melasma, pigmentation or freckles
  • Dry and/or Dehydrated: Hydra-Recharge Facial which is roughly a 60mins procedure is done to replenish moisture and impregnate radiance into dull and exhausted skin.
  • Depleted and Dull: When proper pressure is applied to the pressure points with medical facial it helps in stirring the dull skin cells.

A “series” of facials would mostly be recommended being one of the best ways to jumpstart your skincare maintenance, particularly if you’re looking for highly productive results, fast for a long-lasting time period! Facial series are usually provided in a series of six, conducted once a month for six months.


What we offer under Medi Facials & what are the advantages of each

Hydra Facials

For the skin that has become dull and dehydrated, hydra facial is the thing for them. Hydra Facial— a non-invasive, multistep treatment that intrgrates the advantages of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless derivations (no nipping!) and a distinctive delivery of Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants, and Peptides.

It starts with deep but gentle cleansing and then exfoliation of dead, dry skin cells with the specialized Cranberry Enzyme formula. In order to open the clogged pores and relax the muscles, steam towels are used. A specialist aesthetician also provides a relaxing pressure-point massage with a tailor-made amalgam of organic aromatherapy and grapeseed oil.

Then a t triple-layered mask rich in hydrators and anti-oxidants dissolves any dry skin and kick start healthy skin cell turnover with which emerges new skin that’s –hydrated, refreshed, renewed and radiant!!


Key Benefits of Hydra-facials
  • Great for all skin types and ages
  • Improves overall skin health and promotes youthfulness
  • Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin’s elasticity, tightness, & overall texture
  • Encourages evenness & vibrancy of skin tone
  • Fixes photo damage/ pigmentation/ & advanced signs of aging
  • Mitigates oily/congested skin & lessen enlarged pores
  • No downtime or irritation


Micro Derma Facials

This facial treatment with medical graded Microdermabrasion with crystals & Hyaluronic acid Infusion makes for a complete facial rejuvenation and skin surfacing package.

Micro Facial with Microdermabrasion treatments is typically used to exfoliate the top layer of your skin, eradicating the bacterial-inducing cells, unwanted dead cells and debris. The best results are obtained using a powerful diamond tip medical grade device.

Millions of people across the world have lead into microdermabrasion for it being an effective method of renewing the skin and maintaining a youthful appearance. Skin resurfacing and micro currents integrated in one treatment leads for an overall facial rejuvenation & health promotion with other benefits including:


Key Benefits of Micro- Derma facials
  • Microdermabrasion with Hyaluronic Acid Infusion facilitates the growth of new, healthy skin
  • Deep cleansing & exfoliation
  • Delivers safe and smooth abrasion and can even be applied on sensitive areas such as under eye dark circles
  • Easily adaptable to all skin types
  • Superlative, enduring outcomes that control and, in some cases, reverse the aging mechanism
  • Refines pores and soften the coarse and granular skin
  • Smoothes superficial scars, spots, age spots, acne scars, and blemishes
  • Reduces uneven pigmentation
  • Non surgical & Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Immediate results with an improved softness & luminance


Rejuvenation & Anti Aging Facials

One of the most popular Medical-Facials is essentially devised to deliver the key nutrients to the skin that provides healing, nourishing, relaxing & rejuvenating… RESULTS!! . Any kind of Medical-Facials include a facial, neck, décolleté and hand massage for stress-busting and pampering.

We offer a powerful Anti-Aging Ultrasonic Lift that will be a complete retreat for mature skin! The process works by thoroughly cleansing the skin, using enzyme exfoliation and steam towels that allows for deep probing.

The Ultrasonic waves perforate the skin supplyng nutrients to the tissues, while amplifying your skin’s circulation that causes it be firmed, lightened and lifted.

This treatment will activate ingredients, so when employing additional–correctives the outcomes are exalted even higher! Many of our patients have evinced of having a “lift” after this facial!! It further even controls and in some case reverse clear signs of aging sterilizing the skin, making it a great choice for any skin type, age including skin prone to pigmentation & acne breakouts.


Key Benefits of Rejuvenation & Anti Aging Facials
  • Appeasing and pampering treatment, invigorating all your senses!
  • Acne-prone skin, despite pimples, patient feels dryness on the skin. In such cases, along with acne treatment skin moisturization is rendered
  • Controls and reverse signs of aging
  • Boost collagen production, thus upgrading skin’s laxity, quality and overall goodness


Carbon Peel Facials

Yet another popular medical peel facial treatment that uses acid peels to maintain a youthful appearance. This Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment polishes, even out and clarifies skin texture, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, blotchiness, scarring and wrinkles. It also helps in resolving acne and breakouts, minimize the appearance of superficial scars, and fade the appearance of discoloration to even skin tone.

At Derma World, a variety of medical grade chemical peels ranging, utilizing glycolic, salicylic or lactic, acid are provider, considering the skin conditions after a thorough evaluation. The best chemical peel choice for you is then discussed in detail to anticipate the realistic results.

The best part is that understanding the need that face isn’t the only skin that’s important—back needs to be beautiful too. The peeling techniques used in a back facial are very similar to those applied in a facial treatment and truly make you beach ready or for donning a backless evening dress..


Key Benefits of Carbon Peel Facials
  • Cleanses, clarifies and exfoliate the skin
  • Nourishes and Renews the skin cells and promote cell turnover
  • Treats congestion and reveals a brighter and smoother face and back
  • Provides a deep moisturizing treatment
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Soothes rosacea, melasma and acne
  • Minimizes skin discolouration


Photo Facials

Photo facial also known as Photo rejuvenation is one such medically advanced technique that requires great expertise and skills for the practitioner to perform it. Using the light based technology the skin is perforated deep to promote the production of slackened collagen and restrict the blood vessels that incite redness and other pigment related issues.


Key benefits of photofacial
  • Smoothes expression lines
  • Removal of brown spots, age spots, age lines and tanned skin
  • Flaking off spots
  • Smaller pores with diminished or eradicated small broken veins


What you can expect after Medi Facials

Immediately after receiving a medical-facial, your skin radiates a healthy glow. Skin takes about 2 or 3 days to feel totally hydrated, juvenile and healthy as circulation moves on to improve. Cells Regenerate takes place in 30-45 days and the long-term advantages of a medical facial and proper cosmetic care is accomplished.