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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Delhi: Alma Soprano Ice

Learn About the Benefits, After Care, Quality, Permanent Treatment & Cost of Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Best & Painless Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi (West Delhi) & quality laser hair removal Clinic/Centre in Delhi.

Get the best quality & cost for full body laser hair removal in Delhi for Men & Women at Derma World headed by renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Rohit Batra, who is an expert in both aesthetics & clinical dermatology. He believes in the best course of treatment with genuine consultation.  

For consultation related to laser hair removal, you can visit one of our branches which are situated in Rajouri Garden, Rajinder Nagar or Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.



  • Soprano Ice is virtually painless due to its unique cooling system.
  • All skin types can be treated, including darker skin tones.
  • No need to worry about potential damage or scarring caused by lasers that only work on lighter skin.
  • The results achieved are long-lasting and effective.
  • After just a few sessions, you’ll see a significant reduction in hair growth in treated areas.
  • Laser hair removal with Alma Soprano Ice also saves time and money in the long run compared to traditional methods like waxing or shaving.
  • Experience smoother, softer skin without any pain or hassle.

Due to the advanced technology, effectiveness & long-lasting results, Alma Soprano Ice is a preferred choice among the individuals who are looking for the permanent laser hair removal solution in Delhi or around the world.


Your skin may have gone through a lot during shaving, waxing or tweezing. But no more as we have rolled out a permanent, safest and the skin-friendly diode laser hair removal treatment that reaches to even the trickiest and the hairiest area of your body.

We are provider of Best Painless Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment in West Delhi. Our USP lies in the targeting of laser that not just allows us to remove multiple hairs at the same time but is cost-effective, harmless, and painless too.



Importance of Laser hair Removal in Aesthetics

Why Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular procedures in the world of Aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. Anyone who has excessive body hair and detests the idea of tweezing, waxing or shaving is a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. The process involves beaming of highly concentrated light into the hair follicles which is absorbed by the hair pigment and subsequently, destroys the hair.

The cosmetic procedure is very common in the US and is done commonly, thanks to its several benefits such as precision in work, speed and definite results.


The Complete Solution for Hair Removal

The most advanced hair clinics and leading physicians all across the globe use the Soprano ICE, which is the latest generation of the award-winning latest Soprano laser hair removal system.

The Soprano ICE renders a new era in laser hair removal technology and treatment methods and integrates multiple laser wavelengths and technologies. It allows physicians to treat a wide array of patients and hair types quickly and painlessly, all year round.


  • Virtually Painless
  • Proven Safety Record
  • All Skin Types
  • Tanned Skin
  • Full Coverage Rate

Getting rid of unwanted hair is always on everyone’s wish list. Nowadays, many laser hair removal options are available in the market which is common aesthetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons and beauty studios. Conventional methods include plucking, waxing, shaving and depilatory creams.

These methods provide temporary relief and are also painful. We offer a permanent solution to get rid of the ugly hair growth using the latest diode laser hair removal technology.

How procedure at Dermatology Clinic & by the experienced Dermatologist makes a difference instead of going to salons for Laser Hair Removal?

Whenever you choose a cosmetic treatment that involves a use of laser, scalpel or a needle, make sure it is a board-certified dermatologist or a certified plastic surgeon that is holding it for you. It is not the job of just an Aesthetician!

Even though a trip to a salon or medi-spa might look more inviting, luxurious or relaxing, it is not as worthy as the one to a sterile doctor’s office.

There is no reason to justify that procedures such as laser hair removal that are done at salons are safer than those done by an experienced dermatologist. There are no national standard regulations that regulate the salons; this makes it difficult to choose the best ones from the lot (whole lot that are there in the market).

So if you are planning to have one of the skin-enhancing services such as laser hair removal, Botox, a dermal filler, microdermabrasion or even a photo rejuvenation facial, find out all the possible facts such as:

  • Who will perform the procedure?
  • What is their experience?
  • What is the role of the physician?

If you are not satisfied with the answers you get, you must move on to your next choice. It is only imperative to do a lot of home work and research work before you choose someone to do the job for you.

The bottom line is if you are going for any cosmetic procedure, there is no point in taking the risk of going to an establishment that has no medical background in. Even if the risk involved in the procedure is small, it is definitely not worth it.


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About Alma Soprano Ice

The Alma Soprano Ice is nothing less than a revolution in the world of laser hair removal. It is an award winning device that is based on SHR technology which is also clinically proven.

If you are a practitioner, Alma Soprano Ice is a complete package for your laser hair removal business & for people, who are looking for the procedure, it brings surety of quality.

The device incorporates multiple laser wavelengths and offers a number of technologies at the same time making it easier to treat a wide range of hair types and different categories of patients all the year round.

The device will allow you to achieve the best possible clinical results by administering the treatments quickly and comfortably.

Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Multiple wavelengths platform
  • FDA cleared (for skin types I to VI and tanned skin)
  • Twelve inch color touch screen (user-friendly and intuitive)
  • Pre-set parameters
  • No consumables
  • Provides fast and cool treatment
  • Has a light and ergonomic applicator
  • 7 years of effective laser hair removal (clinically proven)

If you are looking for an edge in the laser hair removal technology, Alma Soprano Ice is the name for you!

What is Diode Laser Hair removal & how does it work?

There are two popular Laser hair removal technologies-the IPL and the Diode Laser hair removal. The basic mechanism behind both the technologies is to match a particular wavelength of light with pulse duration to hit the target, which is melanin in this case.

Melanin is a naturally occurring pigment that is present in the hair follicle and skin and is associated with the color. Diode laser hair removal is regarded as more effective than the IPL by a majority of population.

The main mechanism that works in case of Diode laser hair removal is the delivery of energy at high levels into the skin. The delivered energy is absorbed by the melanin that surrounds the hair follicle but avoids the surrounding areas of the tissue.

The Diode lasers make use of light of a single wavelength; this light has a high absorption rate in melanin. When the melanin in the follicle heats up due to the absorbed energy, it destroys the root of the hair, disables the blood flow to it, and cuts out the hair growth permanently.

Some of the best quality Diode laser hair removal machines use the concept of crystal freeze refrigeration contact cooling (+5 degrees Celsius). This helps to protect the surface of the skin during the procedure and makes the entire experience cool, comfortable and pain-free for the patients.

Since diode lasers deliver a high frequency and low fluence pulses, they can be easily used on all the types of skin safely.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi?


Laser Hair Removal Cost Range from Rs. 15,00 – Rs. 20,000 per session.

Total cost of Laser Hair Removal depends upon:

  • Total no. of sessions
  • Brand of the Laser Machine used to treat
  • Experience of the clinic & the technician performing the treatment
  • Size of the area
  • Time required for the treatment

Price factor in detail:

  • Machines used in the treatment: The type of laser technology used and thus the machines that are used to perform the procedure. The cost of the treatment will definitely go higher if the machines used in it are FDA approved.
  • Center of treatment: There are two factors here that make a difference–whether the center of treatment is a salon or is it done at the clinic of a certified dermatologist and the city where the treatment is performed. For instance, a laser treatment done in Pune or Mumbai will cost higher than the one that is performed in Kanpur or Lucknow.
  • Who is doing the treatment: If the treatment is done by a qualified, certified and experienced dermatologist, it will cost higher than the one that is performed by a beauty consultant at a salon

To get a better idea of the cost of a laser hair removal session in Delhi for your case in particular, the best thing is to get an appointment with your doctor and get an evaluation done in advance.


Areas that can be Treated

Popular areas which generally dermatologist treat: Application of Lasers, specifically branded lasers are so simple & effective that it can be used on most of the body areas. Laser can treat areas like:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Bikini Area
  • Face (mostly used to remove unwanted hair from chin & upper lip)


Before & After Care

Care Before the Procedure

Since Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and not just zapping of hair, there are a few precautions that you must consider before the actual treatment. This not just keeps you safe but it also increases the efficiency of the treatment and helps it to reach its full potential.

Before initiating the treatment, make sure that your body is completely free of any kind of cosmetics such as creams, deodorants, lotions or other beauty products; Keep your skin hydrated and thoroughly moisturized and do not expose it to direct sunlight at any cost.

This one is very important. Do not use any kind of hair removal techniques such as waxing or plucking hair for at least four weeks prior to the day of your appointment. By doing so you would significantly affect the effectiveness of the treatment. However, you can shave if you need to.

It is advisable to remove any extra hair growth on the surface of the skin by shaving, at least 12 hours before the appointment. This can improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

What you choose to wear for your appointment is also extremely important. Choose loose and comfortable clothes that will allow you to easily expose the area that requires treatment. Also consider something that will be comfortable post session as well and will not result in itching and discomfort.


After Care

Undergoing the treatment of laser hair removal can be a great experience for the patient, especially so if they realize that much of that depends on how they take care of their skin. There are a few things that one must keep in mind after the session of treatment. These will not just keep the skin safe and free of any potential risks but will also increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

One of the most important things to remember post the treatment session is not to pluck or wax any hair on the treated area. Doing so can disrupt the treatment procedure and spark a re-growth of the hair follicle, thus reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Do not exfoliate the treated area for almost two weeks after the laser hair treatment session, do so only once the redness in the area subsides. Also avoid very hot showers and baths for up to 48 hours after the treatment.

If you notice any signs of discoloration or pigmentation in the treated area, apply Vitamin E to soothe it; completely avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a minimum of two to four weeks after the session of treatment.

In case you have had a laser hair removal for face, you can use mineral makeup even in the first 48 hours but no other cosmetics until the skin has healed completely. Completely avoid the use of deodorants for up to three days after the treatment as it can cause irritation and itching.

Even if you take all the above mentioned precautions, you can still experience itching as it is a common side effect. But ensure that you resist scratching the treated area as it can result in scarring.

Avoid excessive gym, sauna or exercise for at least 24 to 48 hours as all of these produce heat in the body that can cause irritation.


Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy


Since there are no significant studies to prove the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy, most of the health care providers advise to avoid the treatment during pregnancy. The process involves targeting the melanin in the hair follicle and causes mechanical or thermal damage to the same thus blocking the hair growth permanently. There are no studies to prove the effect of the procedure on the fetus thus it is suggested to avoid it completely during the period.


Laser Hair Removal and PCOD


PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease, also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a hormone syndrome and is often seen in women. Some of the common symptoms of the disease include weight gain, infertility and excessive hair growth, a condition also known as hirsutism.

Hirsutism is caused due to a high level of male hormone called Testosterone in women. The condition results in excessive male pattern hair growth in women that is often a cause of embarrassment for them. Hair growth can affect any part of the body, especially the face, back and chest. There is no doubt about the fact that such women have to spend a lot of time and energy in hair removal treatments that are short lived.

Laser hair removal can be a viable option for women suffering from PCOD. It can give them freedom and help them to get rid of daily shaving and tweezing and discover a new and a confident person.


Laser Hair Removal and White Skin

White Skin

Laser hair removal works well for white skin. Instead the best candidates for laser hair removal are the ones that have a fair skin and dark hair. When energy from the laser is targeted at the skin, some of it can be absorbed by the pigmented skin which increases the risk of burn and also significantly reduces the energy going to the hair follicle.

All of this contributes in making the treatment less effective. But fair or white skin does not absorb any energy from the laser and leaves all of it for the hair and the hair follicle, thus making the process a complete success.

On the contrary, light hair are always more difficult to treat.


Laser Hair Removal and Grey Hair

Grey Hair

Laser hair removal does not work well for grey hair on any light hair, for that matter. The laser light that is targeted at the melanin in the hair follicle gets reflected instead of getting absorbed. It is then transmitted to the hair follicle. Using laser for a longer period of time on the grey hair does not work either, since it can cause more damage to the skin and can potentially burn it too.

There are other methods of hair removal that work just fine for grey hair such as waxing and there are still others that work well but need a bit of precaution such as Electrolysis, Epilation, and hair removing creams.


Benefit of Laser hair Removal Procedure over Other Temporary Hair Removal Techniques

Laser hair removal is increasingly getting popular with people due to its several advantages over temporary hair removal techniques.

The very fact that it is a long-term hair removal or reduction process is a primary advantage over other short-term techniques that give only temporary results. It is absolutely safe to use laser hair removal procedure. It comes with minimal side effects which often disappear within a matter of few days.

Even though the laser treatment has a huge upfront cost but in the long run it is a highly cost effective method since the patient does not need to spend on temporary techniques such as razors, wax treatments or hair removal creams on a regular basis. They can also save a lot of time and energy that is otherwise spent on such procedures regularly.

There is no problem of ingrown hair with the laser treatment that is common with other techniques such as waxing, epilating or threading. Also it is not as painful and irritating as the others.

While techniques like waxing or threading are more successful with full hair growth, laser hair removal does not require you to wait for full hair growth. Instead laser treatments are more efficient if you shave a few hours before your appointment.

The laser hair treatment is fast, precise and much more effective than the other temporary hair removal techniques. The laser light precisely targets the hair follicle without damaging the skin surrounding it. Also the procedure is time saving and can result in permanent hair loss in less than 7 sessions.


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Difference between Diode Lasers and IPL

Anybody who is interested in laser hair removal must have complete information about the two different technologies that are used for the treatment-IPL and Diode laser hair removal. Majority of the people believe that Diode lasers are more effective than the IPL.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The diode lasers deliver a high amount of energy into the skin that is selectively absorbed by the melanin that surrounds the hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Diode lasers make use of single wavelength of light that have a high absorption rate in case of melanin. When the melanin absorbs light, it heats up, destroys the root of the hair, disturbs the blood flow to the hair follicle and finally disables the hair growth permanently.

The high quality laser hair removal machines use better technologies that help to protect the skin, make the process comfortable and pain free for the patient. These lasers deliver a high frequency but low fluency pulses and thus are perfect to be used on all skin types.

IPL Laser hair Removal

Technically speaking, IPL (Intense pulsed light) laser hair removal is not a laser treatment at all. Unlike Diode lasers, this one uses a wide spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths. This means that the energy is not as focused as in the case of Diode laser. There is lot of wastage of energy and less effective absorption in the follicle that does not effectively destruct the hair. Use of such broadband light also increases the chances of potential risks such as pigmentation or burns. For this reason, these are considered not as effective as their counterpart. These are best used for lighter skin types.

If we compare both the technologies, we notice that a diode laser treatment is much more effective and gives lesser discomfort to the patient if it is used with integrated cooling. It can also treat several hair and skin types, more than the IPL. IPL technology on the other hand, requires a long-term treatment that must also be undertaken regularly.

What is the difference between machines manufactured in China & FDA approved Alma Soprano Ice & how it impacts the skin & final results

The machines that are manufactured in China have no match with the FDA approved Alma Soprano Ice. They are cheap, low in quality and are not as effective in providing the treatment as the Soprano Ice. Chinese machines are often uncomfortable and painful for the patients as well.

On the other hand, Alma Soprano is based on a clinically proven technology (the SHR technology) and is an award winning design that has given an edge to most of the laser hair removal businesses. While Chinese manufactured machines are often cheap in quality and price and do not promise long-lasting results, Alma Soprano Ice has a backing of seven years of clinically proven effectiveness.

The device is an all-in-one package that is a comprehensive solution to all the hair removal needs in the market today. It incorporates a number of wavelengths and technologies that helps to:

  • Deliver the best possible clinical results
  • Treat a variety of patients
  • Treat different types of hair
  • Treat patients all the year round
  • Administer treatments in a comfortable way
  • Give quick results

The Alma Soprano Ice has some outstanding features that distinguish it from cheap, low quality machines manufactured in China. Some of these features include FDA approval (for skin types I to Vi and tanned skin), pre-set parameters, no consumables, 12 inch color touch screen that is intuitive as well as user-friendly, provides fast and cool treatment to the patients, has a light and ergonomic operator that makes it easy for the operator to perform the treatment.


How to choose Laser Hair Removal Centre?

How to choose?

Choosing a laser hair removal Centre or clinic is a decision that will directly affect the results you get from your treatment thus it cannot be taken lightly. Follow these simple steps to ensure that you land at the right place and get a professional job done for you.

  1. The first step is to look for potential laser hair removal clinics in your local area. You can either count on the referrals that you get by word of mouth or you can choose to find the list of popular ones online.
  2. Once you have a few in your list, check the reviews of those businesses online. While you can’t completely rely on them, they give you a basic idea of what to expect.
  3. Call the clinics that you have shortlisted and ask them a few general questions such as the treatments that are available with them, who performs the treatment, what are their qualifications and what is the cost? You will not get information specific to the treatment you are looking for but at least you can get a vague idea.
  4. Go for a consultation session in person to all those clinics that you have shortlisted. Visiting a place will give you a much better idea of what to expect in future. At this time, you can also ask direct questions relating to the treatment that you are willing to have such as the cost of the treatment, time required for the treatment and time to heal.
  5. Get a patch test done; it is a common practice to get a patch test done at an insignificant area on your body. While this will give you an idea about how you will react to the treatment, your practitioner will also get a chance to check a range of settings and decide which one works the best for you.
  6. Since everything is right before you now, you are in a much better position to make a wiser decision.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are Lasers used in the treatment of hair removal?

Lasers are a great choice to remove hair since they are safe and can provide long lasting results or permanent removal of hair. It is a quick and a precise method to get a permanent solution for your unwanted hair. Another great advantage of using lasers is that you do not have to wait for the hair to grow long and above the surface of the skin before you can treat it.

How does laser function to remove hair?

The lasers emit a strong light of a specific wavelength. This light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The heat generated by the light destroys the root of the hair, cuts the blood supply to it and permanently blocks the hair growth.

What areas of the body can be treated using the laser hair removal treatment?

Since lasers are extremely comfortable and easy to use, they can be used to treat any part of the body right from face, legs, arms, underarms to even the bikini line. However, to be safe a small area inside the bony structure of eye socket is left out.

What makes the treatment from the laser light safe and comfortable?

The patients experience minimum discomfort at the time of laser hair removal treatment and that too is much less when compared to other techniques such as threading or waxing.

The laser treatment is often accompanied by integrated cooling that helps to keep the surface of the skin cool, thus eliminating any feeling of discomfort or pain. Also the laser light emerges from a sapphire crystal window that removes the heat almost instantly from the skin and leaving behind a sensation of a pinch.

How long does a laser hair removal procedure take?

There are several factors that will decide the time taken by the procedure such as the size of the area that is being treated, machines that are used and the experience of the individual doing the procedure. Also the medical practitioner will often see the comfort level of the client and then go as slowly or as fast as the client wants.

But on a general level, treating areas such as legs or back can take as long as an hour or an hour and a half; small areas such as upper lip or the top the ear can take a maximum of ten minutes; front part of the neck and underarms can take approximately twenty minutes.

How many laser hair removal procedures will one require?

The number of sessions that are required by a client will also depend on different factors such as the growth of hair, type of hair and the area to be treated. While some clients can get permanent results in four treatments, others might need more than eight.

But still Laser hair removal gives you much faster results when compared to other procedures such as electrolysis.

Is Laser treatment better for a few people than the others?

Individuals having light skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal treatment. But with improved technologies and better machines, it is possible to get best results with a variety of skin types and different types of hair as well.

People having blonde, red, or even light brown hair have had excellent results with laser hair removal technology.

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