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KYBELLA: Permanent Double Chin Reduction

Kybella Injection: Double Chin Reduction/Removal in Delhi at DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinic



Finally, there is a trailblazing and completely non-invasive solution to the superannuated double chin problem: KYBELLA. What’s that super stunning thing? KYBELLA is an innovative, injectable treatment which works completely without surgery for Double Chin Removal and Neck Smoothing. Eliminate the issue, get KYBELLA for Double Chin Reduction in Delhi by Board-Certified Skin Specialist Dr. Rohit Batra. The MD in Skin, Dr. Rohit Batra is serving Delhi, West Delhi, Central Delhi and Nearby with his remarkable treatment of Double Chin Removal.

The problem of Double chin which is quite common and often unpleasant experience for many. Double chin acts as a hindrance in maintaining a facial harmony and is a constant reminder of one’s age and weight.

Double chin is a collection of fat beneath the chin which is harmless but unpleasing at the same time. Double chin is usually seen after one passes on youthful days and growing individual who suffer from obesity can get a double chin gradually. Besides, certain chronic metabolic diseases can reflect a double chin. Overall, it makes for a feature that adds a negative dimension to the face.

Although, double chin develops gradually but once it is developed, it is impossible to get rid of a double chin by means of exercise and diet. Also, with advancing age the problem of double chin worsens and giving dull appearance to the individual.


Kybella Double Chin Removal Treatment Up Close


What causes a Double chin?


There are clearly not single factor causing double chin and is often multifactorial wherein factors range from genetics, age and obesity predominantly, while in some individuals, systemic diseases also play a role.

  • Age – With advancing age, skin loses its elasticity, which lead to appearance of extra or saggy skin that contribute to a double chin.
  • Diet and weight – A diet high in fat and processed food can lead to excess fat accumulation and fat gain. Although weight gain not always leads to double chin but weight gain and double chin shows a high co-relation
  • Genetics – Genes play a major role in deciding our facial features and therefore genetic imprints may play a role in double chin. One with a family history of skin with little elasticity or double chins might be more likely to develop one.
  • Posture – Poor posture can make the muscles of the neck and chin weak and lose their elasticity when the muscles are not used effectively. This may lead to a double chin over a period of time, as the surrounding skin tissue loses its elasticity.

Kybella is an approved injectable medication for treatment of double chin, turkey neck or submental fullness. Kybella is a promising non-surgical treatment to improve facial imperfections and get rid of the fat of a double chin.

Kybella is an injectable concentrated deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring bile acid produced by the liver and gallbladder that is secreted into the intestine. Bile acid has many crucial functions in our body that includes the following:

  1. Fat digestion
  2. Absorption of vitamins
  3. Breakdown of cholesterol

The gallbladder is situated next to the liver and its function is to store and secretes enzymes into the intestine during the process of digestion. Of all the substances that the gallbladder secretes, deoxycholic acid is of our concern. The main function of deoxycholic acid in the intestine is to break down and digest fat.


Who are the patients suited for Kybella treatment?

Best Candidate

Kybella is an excellent treatment for patients with collection of fat causing fullness in the submental or beneath chin and in the neck region. It is mandatory that a patient willing to have Kybella undergoes thorough physical and medical examination of the neck region to ensure they are a good candidate for Kybella and no other underlying pathology exists.


Kybella & The Double Chin


Kybella targets and destroy fat cells by affecting cell membranes when it comes in contact with the cell. The cellular membrane functions to surround the cell and protect it from the surrounding environment. If the cellular membrane gets disrupted by Kybella, the cell cave in and die. Kybella is injected in the area of fullness caused by fat in the neck region. Kybella interacts with the cell membranes of the fat in the region, leading to the death of the fat cells. The removal of excess fat in the region brings about the contraction of the skin to create an improved neck and jawline.


Method of Administering Kybella Injections


Kybella is injected directly into the superficial fat of the neck. The injection technique of kybella involves injecting multiple small injections over a wide area. The needles used during the injections are miniscule and hence causes less pain and the required ice packs or numbing cream can be used for patient comfort. Treatment of Kybella has to be carried out in every 4-6 weeks duration. Most patients usually require between 2 to 4 treatment sessions, depending on the fat in the neck region.


Downtime or Recovery after Kybella Injections


Since, it is not a major operation and requires administering of injections, patients can return to normalcy in a day and practically there is no down time as such. Patients may experience temporary bruising, soreness, lumps, bumps, and redness of the skin, which usually resolve on it’s own. The site of the injection of Kybella, may remain swollen for 2-3 days.

Before injecting the specified area with Kybella, it is numbed using local anesthetic. During this process, patients feel a few minor pricks and stings. Apart from minor pricks and stings, there is no any severe pain or hassle to the patient undergoing the treatment.


Risks Associated and Precaution

Risks & Precautions

Commonly encountered risks with Kybella injections are:

  1. Injury causing weakness to the nerve that moves the lower lip.
  2. Difficulty in swallowing

The chance of the above-mentioned issues is very rare if kybella is properly injected and the patient can recover normally within 2-3 days. And, as a precaution one should strictly visit their doctor and have a proper check up before undergoing Kybella. Post treatment the doctor’s suggestion should be followed strictly for a quicker and effective recovery.

Pregnant women, people with any skin disease and history of previous neck or skin related surgery, or patients with any major ailments, like diabetes and heart issues, should avoid the treatment.


Cost of Kybella Injections


The entire sitting may cost somewhere around Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000. Kybella is priced on the basis of the quantity of injections administered. Patients usually need between 1 to 4 treatment sessions depending on the fullness of the neck and the desired result and each session needs 1-3 vials.


Experience Shared


My Kybella Experience!


KYBELLA UPDATE ( before and after ) I’m Finally Finishing My Treatments! – Mallory Brooke


Sharing my experience: A noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure is enticing customers like me who might not otherwise seek out cosmetic treatments.

Double Chin Reduction-Before After


Double chin development has made me look ugly and more over conscious about how I talk and how do I look while I smile, do I look ugly?

All these unwanted thoughts kept haunting me and hence I decided to go for the treatment, Kybella, the ultimate remedy for the double chin.

The process of Kybella treatment, which I was undergoing, is the cosmetic injections or vials of deoxycholic acid as it is just the synthesized form of normally occurring bile juice in our liver.

It works by breaking down the cell membrane, and over period of several weeks the double chin breaks down and is then passed out of body through waste.

I started the process of treatment by first reading through several articles and theories on internet, in order to have a clear picture of what I was going through and how effective it will be in treating the double chin problem, how painful it is, the downtime, the follow up medications, the amount of money required and several questions which raced through my mind day in and day out.

I started by consulting my doctor, a general physician, who advised me and suggested to go for it as I was not having any history of serious health conditions. I suggest, if you are going for the kybella treatment, kindly visit your skin specialist once and seek his advice for the same.

As, I knew that there was no requirement of significant downtime after the kybella, I booked my day with a dermatologist at derma world skin institute on Saturday, so that I should not have to take excessive holidays and hopefully, everything would be normal by Monday evening.

With my new look and confidence gleaming face, I would surprise everyone at office on Tuesday.

On the D day, I sat back exposing my vulnerability and with thumping heart, bracing for the needle to pinch and somewhere within it was a happy feeling that now this is going to end forever.

Dermatologist at the DermaWorld Skin Clinic counseled me and showed me testimony of several patients who underwent this treatment and were extremely happy as the treatment is safe and 100% result oriented.

They cleared all my doubts before undergoing the procedure. I started feeling confident as I gradually realized that I was in safe hands and at a place which was gleaming with the entire futuristic machine one can think of like beautification and skin remedies, be it of any kind.

I was about to have vials of synthetic bile shots into my double chin area. But, prior to that the dermatologist used local anaesthesia just in order to reduce the pain and make the skin numb.

The process took approximately an hour and as the effect of the anaesthesia, started fading away, I slowly started feeling the pain and the soreness around my chin area. The bandage was applied around and as I was being taken back home in my car, driven by my friend, I felt the tingling and the skin numbness had completely gone by the time I reached home.

But, to my utter surprise the pain also was fading, but here was uneasiness. Swelling peaks at 24 hours post-treatment & can last from two days to three weeks, but that is a good sign as the skin is responding to the treatment.

It took me about three weeks to get back to baseline. But that’s normal, according to my doctor and all the articles I surfed through the internet.

The doctor had advised me not to take any hard food stuff for example meat or anything and also he suggested that the best option was to live on liquid for a day or two, so that the skin area has to not do much of the workout while it was recovering.

I was also asked not to drink alcohol and smoke or take painkillers for 48 hours before my injections.

I only developed one tiny bruise after the bandage was removed, which was a healthy condition. The inflammation was not pleasant, but swelling means the medication is working to dissolve the fat— ultimately no pain, no gain.

The swelling is caused by the active medication breaking down the fat cells, and some of the volume can be attributed to the solution itself. For nearly two days I slept with my head propped between two pillows and the bandage around my chin.

After, the initial two days post treatment; I was advised to take few pills just in order for good recovery and some skin related vitamins.

The days went quickly as there was excitement within that after all the pain, which I went through should reflect in the mirror and ultimately in my personality, as the doctors have rightly advised me that no wonders will happen in 3-4 days and since the process of skin metabolism takes time to break the cell membrane, it would gradually be done over period of weeks and the double chin will be removed over period of weeks.

This can be discouraging, especially to people who are self-conscious about their chins to begin with. The best part is that once your months-long process is over, those fat cells will not be coming back for sure. There is no upkeep to consider and any future costs involved to maintain it.

Weeks after weeks passed and the compliments started pouring in, few said what are you up to, gym or cycling short of thing or what?

The double chin was gone and with it was gone my vulnerability and under confidence. Now I was able to smile and laugh with not caring how I looked. To be honest after the treatment one should not expect the result sooner and let it come gradually, as after all good things take time to happen.

For initially 2 to 3 weeks I made couple of visits to my doctor, as to why my double chin was not going off and was there any problem? And, the dermatologist just with a smile said I was behaving normal as everyone who goes kybella, expects a magic to happen which is not as it takes its own sweet time.

But, yes days passed, week passed and gradually all my worries too passed with it.