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Lips Augmentation/Fillers

Best Lip Filler/Injection or Lips Augmentation in Delhi (West Delhi) at Derma World


Get the Lip Filler/Lip Injection or Lips Augmentation in Delhi at one of the best Cosmetic center and by the renowned & experienced Dermatologist Dr. Rohit Batra. Book an appointment to have a wholehearted conversation with Dr. Batra & try to share all your concerns related to Lip Augmentation.

Intro about what you will get at Derma World

Expert dermatologist Dr. Rohit Batra while describing the lip fillers mechanism in nutshell says— “ I call it a lip rogue in a syringe, so when it is injected into the lip itself it will inevitably make the lip fuller, symmetrical, but will also make the lips very, very soft,” he says.


What you get for lips augmentation at DermaWorld?

  • Naturally fuller, more plumped lip look
  • Reshaping of lips and the outer border of the lip
  • Lip color correction & enhancement
  • Cupid’s bow Lip Filler
  • Approved Injectable lip fillers (also called dermal fillers)
  • Safe and virtually painless


How We Choose the Right Lip Filler?

There are a variety of lip fillers available, each with distinct scientific characteristics, and that mean they should not be used irrespective of skin type, need & purpose because they can cause permanent disfigurement.

Never allow your provider to inject your lips with anything permanent like silicone. With age, our lips alter its shape and gets thinner. You don’t want to be left with unequal, crooked or unsightly bumps.

For example, softer fillers are most effective for the body of the lips, while stiffer fillers are best to modify the shape & symmetry of the lips, to augment the lining of the lip, or to create the lips curling upward. Using the wrong filler can give an artificial “duck lip” or “fish mouth” look.

The measurement G’-prime is used to measure how soft or firm a product is. Low G’ fillers such as Vollure™ and Belotero® works best for plumping the body of the lips, whereas high G’ fillers like Restylane® Silk are good for improving the shape or for more of a ‘V’ shape & lining of lip {vermillion border (white line) of the lip}.

We are not fancied of semi-permanent fillers in the lips such as Bellafill ansd Radiesse, but we do not eschew our client’s desires either. We usually suggest using hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers in the lip because most importantly the compound is naturally found in our body that makes it superiorly safe and effective to inject plus they are temporary and easily discarded with an injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

So, at Derma World you are open to options. Get semi-permanent or permanence fillers, lips will be inflated and deflated in consent of client’s mood.


What are Lip Fillers & what do they feel like?

Lip fillers are one of the most googled search item on the web today. People are curious to know about it, hearing stories about celebrities how they changed their lip and looks with the fillers. And the lip products have also gained gloomy-ridden predictions due to these celeb stores only.

However, one needs to know that ‘Lip shapes are specific individual’s face’ and that a particular lip shape may look monstrous on a face that appears appetizing on someone else’s face.


Now what actually are lip fillers?


Lip fillers are a cosmetic, non-surgical, injectable procedure for lip augmentation in various ways.

Contrary to a popular notion, lip fillers in majority of cases are used to correct lip shape and making them fuller through injections administered on te lip surface or around the lips. People who have had injuries and accidents need reconstructive surgery frequently look to this minimally-invasive, injectable treatment for more balanced/symmetrical lip features.

While you might be jealous of a certain celebrity or trend influencer’s lips, the shape might not be practicable to achieve. “You can’t crop out an image of someone’s lips and say, this is what I want. And that you should know it’s generally photoshopped and you just may not jargon with your face.

As already mentioned, there are a number of Dermal Fillers available for lip augmentation, each with varied characteristics, advantages and limitations. While between al this is the most common filler these days being in form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the body acts as a transfer system that brings nutrients to the skin cells from the blood, so they are less likely to be adverse complications when it is applied as filler. HA acts as a cushion when it is injected, boosting & supporting the surrounding tissues. Both animal and non-animal sources are available. It also pulls moisture to the surface of the skin, creating a juicy and youthful look.

Collagen is another common injectable (dermal filler), although not used as often as the latest HA based options because the new formulations have minimal side effects and be at disposition to yield a more natural look.

For example, HA yields less bumps and lumps, is easier to control via injection, causes less swelling, bruising, and the outcomes last a bit longer in some cases.

Human fat is another injectable option for lip augmentation. Patients can have their own tissues harvested from a site where it’s not wanted and then transferred to another area where it is needed (like the lips). There is no plausibility of an adverse allergic reaction or other complications because the filler is your own tissue. Though there is a threat linked of re-absorption with human fat.

Facial implants are also available for the purpose of lip augmentation, but these are now not used very often because of also having greater risk of side effects.

These many types of dermal fillers can be injected in your lips and around your mouth.

But what does lip look like after augmentation doesn’t really come as a big surprise, does it? It seems fuller, plumper, kissable lips that will be very smooth and are all the rage now, with web brimmed with tutorials teaching how to boost & over-line with makeup and beauty boomers creating beauty empires out of their puckered pouts.

If you’re one of the many women or men curious about the procedure, have a realistic expectation of what your lips will look like.

At Derma world, the medical certified dermatologist with his team works to ensure you is not only pleased with your results, but is rationale with what your accomplished look is going to be.


Are Lip Injections safe for Lips Augmentation?

Is it safe?

Lip filler is a minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedure that includes administration of certain substances via injection, so there’s always a chance that something could go wrong or lead to some repercussions.

This is why it’s immensely important to only allow a trained, reputable professional to do it, because in the professional’s proficient hands there is no possibility of having botched lips or any adverse after effects.

Safety with fillers is such that if you are a right candidate for filler augmentation and you have chosen an experienced provider to do the job for you, the process is in all manners safe.

One can expect temporary bruising & swelling that typically resolves within 24 to 48 hours. Said so, you might NOT want to schedule your injections the day before a special social event, wedding or big corporate presentation etc.

Most swelling can be effectively treated with ice. “Barely, though, some patients may develop more striking swelling necessitating a prescription medication to treat it. We suggest waiting 24 hours before applying lipstick to the injection site.

To stave off the use of adulterated products and discomfort, don’t ever be tempted to have your lip fillers at a beauty salon or a spa. A beautician hasn’t had the training and therefore the clinical competence that a cosmetic doctor. Moreover the beauty centers are most definitively not being able to prescribe drugs or treatment if something were to go wrong.


Side Effects and Risks that may arise due to improper administration may include

  • Bleeding, Bruising and Swelling at the site of injection
  • Redness and tenderness at the injection site
  • Reactivation of cold sores or fever blisters (herpes simplex)
  • Lip asymmetry
  • Lumps, Bumps and irregularities in the lips
  • Ulceration, Infection or allergic reaction causing itching
  • scarring, or stiffening or of the lip
  • Injection into a blood vessel, causing tissue loss

Immediately call your physician if you develop fever.


Best candidate for Lips Augmentation?

Best candidates

Is Lip Augmentation Right for You or Not? Let’s check here for your candidacy

The first thing before checking your suitability for lip augmentation should be instead to know why you want to modify your lips. You should not opt for this procedure unless you really want your appearance to permutated.

If you are undergoing lip augmentation to try to fit an ideal image, you may want to think twice.

Also, it’s vital to have realistic expectations about the results. Augmented lips may make your lips fuller, smoother and plumper, but you will still be you when you walk out of the clinic. Don’t expect to see you in Kylie’s shoe.

Anyone seeking lip enhancement should be in good health and a nonsmoker. Speaking of which, not Everyone Is a candidate, you may not qualify to have lip augmentation if you have:

  • Diabetes
  • Blood-clotting issues
  • Lupus
  • An active infection such as oral herpes. Or if you have ever suffered a cold sore (oral herpes) any time in the past, you should inform your doctor earlier on undergoing the procedure.
  • Anyone seeking to minimize the space between the bottom of the nose and the lip, lip filler might actually elaborate this area. Such cases benefit more from a fast surgical procedure called a lip lift

Also, If you have any known allergies or are allergic to lidocaine (local anesthesia), inform the specialist beforehnad. Also, tell your doctor about any medications you are or had been taking, including pain relievers, prescription and OTC drugs and herbal supplements.


Are Lip Injections painful?

Is it painful?

Hearing only about injections makes some people send chill to the nerves and they presume the filler procedure to be painful. Howbeit, you might not believe, but a lip injection is not painful, at least not unbearably painful. There is a level of tolerance with each individual and that establishes its level of pain, which is otherwise a simple, painless procedure.

Apart from, there are horror stories making round on the internet where people have asserted to had stopped proceedings before the treatment can even be completed since the process was seemingly too painful. But the fact is if the person administering the filler is courtly n courteous, you won’t be in pain.

The pain & discomfort level will, of course, depend on your specialist’s technique. To put it into stance; if your provider is good, it shouldn’t be any more uneasy than getting your upper lip threaded.

‘A local anesthetic is given, so speak to your cosmetic doctor before this to see how and where they are going to inject it. ‘But ladies don’t schedule your appointment a week before or the week of your period, as sensitivity to pain sensitivity surged up during this time.’


Where should I get Lip Fillers done?

How to choose dermatologist?

Firstly, choose a skilled, artistic injector/Plastic surgeon/Dermatologist/Cosmetic facial surgeon who has substantial experience and is willing to listen to your goals and tailor the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

When injected with artistic skills & intellectually, lip fillers can produce very soft, natural-looking, and pleasing results.

It would be viable if you know anyone who has had a good lip job done, so the recommendation is truthful. Else, you can find a list of registered practitioners on Google and find reputable clinics nearby, read their testimonials, see their before and after pictures, and also check what other people think of their work.

‘Having proper understanding of human anatomy is a crucial must, as doctors are able to determine any complications or problems that may turn up during the appointment.

Research with your doctor and ask to even show before/after shots or video of them performing the treatment so you can see the results. Very assuring it is.

What’s more, if you’re regretful of the outcomes, your doctor is able to suspend the HA filler immediately with another injection. Again, this is something a beautician is unable to do. Just politely decline the filler your beautician has to offer.

Make sure you see the product before you’re being injected with. During your procedure the product should be taken fresh from the box. Everything should go in transparency so that you are in a state to see exactly what is being used and what is going on.


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens during the consultation for Lip Fillers?

“Make sure you are given a consultation before your appointment not allowing anyone to go near your lips before that. During your consultation, you must put across the queries, goals and any apprehensions you have regarding the procedure.

An expert specialist would make an assessment of your lips, ask about your expectations and any skin or other issues you have or had, so that an appropriate filler and procedure can be discerned. Additionally ‘the doctor’s office itself should be clean, impeding chances of bacterial infection.

When you go through a consultation, you should do your best to explain the improvement you seek or any issue you have that you wish to correct with the lip injection.

Well this one is not a desideratum, but still if you could see your provider’s lip can give you an idea of his/her artistic perspective, because if theirs are themselves too inflated then you should give a thought to their inclination. Don’t take it too seriously; it’s just for the reassurance.

Does it hurt or is numbing cream used when you get Lip Fillers?

Surprisingly fillers do not hurt. There are people who just feel it as a sharp pinch as the needle stab into the skin and that’s it. Then there are some who are nervous even before starting and they feel the product pushing its way under their skin felt that make them more uncomfortable.

With the filler in place, the doctor generally gives a gentle massaged to lip so that it is evenly distributed. This would also help prevent any irregularity, bumps or lumps from forming, which is essential to those strictly unwilling to fall into the category of lip fillers gone wrong.

One of the major reasons some women experience lumps in their skin – or granulomas – are because the physician failed to duly massage it through the lip.

Your area to be treated would be coated with a numbing cream to get you going. However, based on your pain threshold, it’s your choice to have your lips numbed beforehand with a topical anesthetic or dental nerve block. The aesthetician can numb the area around your lips with an injection into your gums or you can opt for a numbing cream.

How much Filler do you need?

The amount of filler needed is definitive of plumpness and correction to be created. If both lips are involved then more substance filler will be required as opposed to only bottom or upper.

Also leave the Kadarshain’s ideal image back at home as you do not have to indulge in something that makes you look animated but instead natural. For example, you look too have really, like really inflated lips like Kim Kadarshain, but your shape and face structure is not supportive of such look.

The ‘ideal’ ratio for one’s lips is one-third/two-thirds of the bottom lip being the fullest. So the amount of filling depends on the ratios that can benefit either from a little filling out or if required more.

Do they feel different to natural lips?

“When done skillfully, lip fillers shouldn’t feel any different from natural lips”.

You will have several different options when it comes to choosing a lip filler, but the first and most important step, though, is to choose a highly- experienced & skilled provider who could assess the right type of filler based on your natural lip shape and proportions and obviously individualistic goals.

The best lip fillers referendum according to Derma World Doctor and international aestheticians contain a glycosaminoglycan (sugar) called Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally present in your skin, possessing higher competence of binding and retaining weight in water molecules, thus making for an excellent ingredient to naturally add plumpness, volume to the skin and shape of the lips for a more aesthetically alluring appearance. The best part is that there is a wide range of HA based lip fillers that produce promising results for both younger and older patients respectively.

Are the results instant?

The results will almost be noticeable immediately. The lips will be a little swollen initially but the effects of the fillers will be seen pretty quickly. Just allow your lips 24 hours to settle and the swelling or bruising to dwindle. Then you’ll be enjoying your filled-out shapely lips as they will remain for the next several months.

How long Lip Fillers do last?

Lip filler or any dermal filler is not forever. The endurance of lip filler is dependent on the formula your aesthetician choose for you, but generally it last for about six months to a year. After that more injections are required to keep the volume of your lips.

This means that if you appreciate your initial outcomes; click a lot of images because it does fade over time. As far as anything you can do to lengthen the lip filler, there’s actually not much since everybody metabolizes differently.

Can I get rid of them if I didn’t feel comfortable with fillers or if I am not happy with my new look?

If you’re really unhappy with the outcome for whatever reason, or feel like your lips have expanded like a cartoon character, you can go back and have it dissolved,” if you have got done the HA based filler. “All the fillers professionals use now— are hyaluronic-acid-based, so they all can be quickly and safely dissolved with hyaluronidase.

While on contrary, if you have gotten permanent and semi-permanent fillers, this is the toughest since they are irreversible and not much can be done to fix them.

Also from silicone to implants placed in lip cannot be undone. The only option left is to ‘fill around’ or try to fix the fault with injections and hope that the material you are injecting and the material that is already in the lips do not collide.”

What are the chances of lip fillers going wrong?

The chances of lip filler going wrong is mainly with the incorrect administration.

Duck lips” or “Fish mouth” means that the procedure has gone wrong

If you have watched “botched” (Keeping up with the Kardashians) you may have seen instances where lips look a little too… pouty, too grumpy. This is caused by either over-injecting or injecting in the wrong areas which may obstruct blood flow in the lips and can even cause permanent nerve damage.

For example, if a cosmetician is injecting filler past the upper line of the top lip, known as the cupids bow, it can produce an animated look, completely unnatural.

Some surgeons also avoid injecting filler into the corners of the mouth because in natural lips, one cannot see much of the lip composition at those spots. That appearance requires to be preserved to fulfill the purpose of keeping a natural look.

Also, the upper lip made larger than the bottom lip is making a muck of because the bottom lip is usually poutier, and disturbing that appearance means messing the natural look.

Finally, physically, avoiding Motrin, aspirin, Aleve, fish oil, vitamin E, and multivitamins, for about a week prior to the appointment will be beneficial to dodge the botched look, as each can be active as a blood-thinner and proceed to post injection bruising.

After care in lip injection

After-care with lip filler is minimal.

One can resume to normal life post injection —despite some terror-inducing blogging you might find online. The only thing you should avoid is aspirin. You can even toast your new improved look with a glass of wine.

Do not drinking from a straw right after the injections, and not sip hot liquids— since you’ll still be numb and might just burn yourself.

Avoid applying lipstick or other lip products right after the injection. Wait until 24 hours.


Few brands, popularly used for Lip Augmentation

Popular brands

There are best brands available for lip augmentation but choosing the Right Filler certainly depends on Your Goals. Some of the best lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid. Some of the best brand options available today include:

Juvederm Volbella: Brand new, this filler is also thinner, works best to plump & enhance the lips like Belotero and Restylane Silk, but has been shown to stay twice as long.

Juvederm Ultra: This filler is typically put to use when someone wants to really pump up the volume of the lip sizably, or if they require a lot of construction complemented to the area of the Cupid’s bow or the philtral columns (the two vertical lines just below the center of the nose).

Restylane Silk: This is thinner than the Juvederm Ultra, and is more often offered for someone wanting to have a more subtle plumping for a gentle difference.
Belotero: Jus same in thickness as Restylane Silk, this filler is yet another suitable option for someone who wants a less detectable lip boost.


Various other products by the reputable brands are

  • Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus
  • Restylane, Restylane-L Belotero Balance
  • Prevelle Silk
  • Elevess
  • Captique
  • HylaForm

All of these products are injected in the similar manner and provide similar results. And some contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic.