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Skin/ Dermal Fillers

Best Skin/ Dermal Fillers in Delhi by the best Skin Specialist

Get the top brands of the best skin/ dermal fillers in Delhi at our skin clinic. We make sure Fillers don’t be scary & stuffy! We are the innovators of the front-runner concept of organic fillers where you look like you but better, younger, and natural YOU.

Our board-certified specialist offers Bio-Dermal Fillers too. Skin fillers can be applied to achieve:

  • Facial features re-shaping
  • Jawline Contouring
  • Lip Contouring
  • Anti-Aging Lifting
  • Brow Lifting
  • Creasing wrinkles out
  • Tear Trough
  • Temple Augmentation
  • Chin Dimple Creation
  • Dark Circle Removal and more!


Dermal fillers- A Boon from Heaven

In this world of fashion and beauty where people lend allure to look prepossessing, who would say no to bring back the youngness in their faces? Who would say no to rewind their lives back to their adolescence to cherish their beauty?

The time has come to get over the phrase ‘Beauty fades with time’ and start saying ‘Beauty never dies’. Dermal fillers also termed as injectable fillers. They can do wonders to you and make you fall in love with yourself for one more time. It is time to unleash your beauty with elegance.


Dermal Fillers and its Magic

Why Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers (Injectable cosmetic/facial fillers) are tissue fillers that are injected into the skin especially, facial skin. This is to replenish the beauty in the faces by

  • Adding smoothness
  • removing wrinkles
  • Appending the perfect texture to what is called as ‘the index of mind’.

Here, the result of the product is proportional to the type of skin in which it is being injected; the health of the skin, type of filler used for the skin type and most importantly the health of the recipient. These factors have to be considered before planning to get injected.

Dermal fillers are often made out of sugar, collagens or even a part of fat from the body of the patient itself. These soft tissue fillers are also synthesized in laboratories. This is with the help of some chemicals that cause no harm to the skin. It deposits itself under the skin, especially in the areas of wrinkles, fine lines and scars.

Dermal Fillers are effectively used to treat Acne Scars too

It also boosts the looks of cheeks by cheek lift and lips through lip augmentation. This is by plumping them and restoring the active cells in these parts of the face. It brings liveliness and prettiness in the face and helps to radiate the same.

Though the positives of dermal fillers seem to be illusive, how safe are they? What are the cons of injecting them in our faces? Will it change the complexity and the existing beauty of the face in aging?

All these questions need not arise in your mind as dermal fillers are skin-friendly. Unless and until they are improperly injected or injected by non-professionals, they do not cause any harm or torment your skin. If handled unprofessionally it causes irritation, scars and allergies in the skin.


Enhance your beauty with the Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can keep you away from wrinkles and keep aging at bay. You don’t have to choose filters and photo shop effects anymore to look attractive. You can flaunt your beauty and remain the same for many more years to come.

You can become your favorite cinema icon by doing what they do. Though the effect of dermal fillers is temporary, it gives the best of results and you can go for it again and again. And yeah, beauty is one of the biggest assets one can own.


Dermal Fillers and Their Types

Types of Skin Fillers

Before talking about dermal fillers and its types, one must know the difference between dermal filler and other injectable products that are available in the market.

Dermal filler is completely different. It does more wonders than other injectable medicines such as Botox or Xeomin. These fillers keep the facial muscles that are responsible for wrinkling dormant.

Dermal fillers plump the cheeks and lips. They make scars and dark circles vanish and keeps the face young and fresh. Now, let us take a look at the types of dermal fillers that are available.

Juvéderm XC/ Juvédermvollure XC

This type of dermal filler is especially used to reduce the wrinkles around the areas of cheeks and lips. This makes the parentheses enclosing the lips disappear and adds volume to the lips. The effect of Juvéderm lasting in your face ranges from twelve months to eighteen months.

There are sub-types in Juvéderm such as voluma XC and ultra XC. These non-surgical fillers concentrate on softening the look of the lip lines. Prior consultations should be taken from doctors before getting it injected in the face.


The Restylane is the latest type of non-surgical filler. It increases the volume of the lips and reduces the lines around it. It is often synthesized from the sugar particles that help to gel the water to cells. Temporary side effects such as swelling of lips, redness and itchiness occur.

They last for a day or two and will get reduced with time. The Restylane family comprises of fillers like Restylane silk, Restylane-L, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Defyne etc. It is also the first type of filler to be approved by FDA. It has a greater effect than other fillers.


Unlike most of the fillers, Perlane is not made out of animal tissues. It is completely prepared from hyaluronic acid that is synthesized in the body. It concentrates at removing the wrinkles lines from the cheeks. This type of filler is available since a long time which makes it easy to trust.

The effect of Perlane lasts in your face for a minimum of six months to a maximum of twelve months. Do not go for it if you are allergic to foreign substances in your face, uncommon bleeding or irritation. Always consult your doctor beforehand.


Radiesse is the costliest type of filler available. The main advantage of Radiesse is that it is acts very quickly in your skin. It stimulates the natural collagen in your body. It has a greater effect when compared to all other types of fillers and injectable. It also naturally decomposes after its time. It leaves only your natural collagen as its mark.

Apart from these important types there are other fillers like sculptra, collagen and much more. The cost of the syringe/vial depends on the area in which it is injected and the quantity of the filler used.


Cost Factor

Cost of Dermal Fillers in Delhi

Cost of Dermal Fillers is Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 per ml. 1ml to 5 ml of filler is required as per the defect to be corrected, and body area to be treated.

Overall cost depends upon:

  • The brand
  • Type of dermal fillers
  • Area/body parts for eg. 1ml-2ml of filler for hollow cheeks (both sides) whereas 1-3ml for neck is required
  • Severity of the skin condition

Though dermal fillers vary in their cost, the outcomes of these fillers do not vary much with the cost. Even if you get injected with the costliest of dermal fillers that is available, if it is not of your skin type, it will not produce the result that you dreamt of. In fact, it wills back-fire you in the most dangerous of ways.

Although the rate varies with different types that are available, the positive outcome will not be boosted by the purchase of costlier dermal filler than the one prescribed for you.

All these fillers are rightly priced for their work and are specific in their actions. Thus, to have a better outcome after the treatment of dermal filler, you are expected to choose the filler that suits your skin type and follow the pre-treatment consultations.



Areas that can be treated with Dermal Fillers

Areas that can be Treated


Dermal fillers are used in the facial skin to remove wrinkles, crow’s feet, under-eye lines, scars etc.

  • Tear troughs that decorates your eyes with tiredness, is one of the areas that can be treated with dermal fillers. This area, under the eyes, generally looks pale and black with aging. This is due to the tears that are usually collected here. With the help of dermal fillers, life can be brought back in tear troughs. It increases the volume and reduces the fine lines.
  • Mouth corners, Lips, Marionette lines, smoker’s lines are the areas in and around the lips where dermal fillers can be injected for better results.
  • The parentheses around your lips, facial folds, lip lines can be plumped using these fillers and make them more attractive.
  • Chin is a part in face that endures a lot of movements through the activities like talking, chewing and much more. Thus, the wrinkles that appear near the chin area can be effectively removed with the help of fillers.
  • Cheeks are another important part where, fillers are often injected to add back the lost fat and elasticity.


The Perfect Filler for You

The perfect filler for your face can be decided only with the help of the type of your skin, the quantity needed for your skin to augment the volume, area where it is being injected, your skin’s stimuli to the filler type, result and the time for which the effect of the filler lasts and most important, your budget

  • Juvéderm adds volume to the skin area in which it is being injected and lasts up to a maximum of eighteen months.
  • Restylane improves the texture of the skin and removes wrinkles. The results of Restylane can be expected to stay for nine months.
  • Perlanetoo increases the volume of the skin. It also removes fine lines and enhances the freshness. And its effect lasts up to a period of six months.
  • Sculptra largely injected for thickening the cheeks and areas around cheeks. It is sought after by patients who have loss of fat in the cheek area or to fill the void areas. Sculptra lasts for 20-24 months.
  • Radiesse is used in cheeks and around the nose region but not on lips. Radiesse is ineffective on lips and it lasts for around twelve months.

Image: Which Dermal Filler Do i Need

Image Courtesy: American Board of Cosmetic Surgery


Pre-treatment Consultations!

It is important to consult a doctor before getting injected to know if fillers are suitable for your skin. This is because sensible and smooth skins react against these fillers when injected. They cause long term side effects.

So, at the first place, consult your doctor. If you have had any surgeries in the area that you are planning to get the fillers injected, inform your doctor and the surgeon (Professional) about it. Because it has to be taken into consideration to avoid any sort of risks.

Consumption of alcohol or any other drug should be avoided. This is for 24-48 hours before the treatment. Food containing high sugar, spice and carbohydrates should not be consumed for 24 hours before treatment.

Injection of dermal fillers will be avoided in the areas that had been already treated through surgeries. It is advised to stop your medicines like Aspirin, vitamin oils, Gingko etc. for at least one week before your treatment.

If the area that you are planning to treat with dermal fillers gets affected from rashes, bruises or any sort of sores, you are advised to postpone your treatment. These are the basic precautions that you should follow before your treatment.


Approved uses of Dermal Fillers!

It is appropriate to use dermal fillers only in the way and the areas that is approved by FDA. Dermal fillers are prescribed by doctors to be injected in the facial skin. In some cases, they are also injected in hands to plump them and veil the veins by adding volume and glow. Dermal fillers are approved to be injected in areas like

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Under-eyes (tear troughs)
  • Corners of mouth
  • Facial folds
  • Forehead
  • Jawlines
  • Corners of nose and chin

These areas can be treated with different types of fillers that are available. Only prescribed volume of filler that is required for that area should be injected as the outcome of the treatment depends on the type and volume of the filler being injected.

Only the specified fillers should be injected for a particular region. This is because every filler is certain and unique in its actions.

For example, if your cheeks should be free from wrinkles you have to use the filler that is specified to remove wrinkles since; other fillers may not produce the expected and desired result. Dermal fillers, if used as directed and in approved ways, do not cause any harmful side effects.


Unapproved uses of Dermal Fillers!

It is inappropriate to sell or inject Dermal Fillers without any prescription or consultations from doctors. Some of the unapproved dermal fillers include Juvéderm 2, 3 and 4 and they are banned in US. There are some parts in body where dermal fillers should not be injected like breasts, buttocks, thighs, feet, penis and other parts of the body apart from face and hands.

Dermal fillers are not used for enhancing and augmenting the body. Improper use of dermal fillers can leave some last longing side effects like permanent scars, disfigurement, chronic pain and much more. Only professionals and experts should treat the patients.

Over dosage of dermal fillers can even cause blindness and allergies. You can expect short term effects like itching, irritation, pain, redness for 2 days to one week after the treatment and it decreases. Also, it’s unadvisable to get the fillers injected in the area between your eyebrows.

So, if you are planning to get dermal filler treatment, make sure that you have ticked all the necessary checkboxes that are mentioned. Also, get the treatment from the right place. And, don’t showcase your bargaining skills as the quality of the fillers is important.


Effects of Dermal Fillers


The effects of dermal fillers are mind-blowing. It provides you a fuller-looking natural youthful appearance. It removes the wrinkles, scars, dark spots. It adds volume to your face thereby, giving your youngness back to you.

You will be mystified and fascinated to look at yourself in the mirror with a face that is younger than your actual age. You can even bid adieu to your cosmetics as you may no longer have to cling to it.

The dermal fillers, not only bring back your freshness and magic, but also bring them back in an effective way. The greatest advantage of dermal fillers is that it makes you look younger in a natural way. It wouldn’t reflect any artificialness in your face like your cosmetics.

This is why; you don’t have to stack your dressing table with cosmetics. These fillers are also natural in a way as they get decomposed with your naturally secreting hyaluronic acid in your body. It also stimulates the secretion and function of the acid and makes your face look younger than ever. Don’t you want to look younger?


Dermal Fillers for Men

Further, dermal fillers are not only injected for women. It has become a trend and practice for men to get injected with dermal fillers. And as no surprise it does the same magic for men. Dermal fillers make

  • the wrinkles disappear
  • reduce fine lines and scars
  • act as anti-ageing agent
  • adds volume to the skin
  • smoothens the skin

Men’s skin tends to be thicker and rougher when compared with women’s skin. They need thicker and more powerful dermal fillers for the best results. The area in which the dermal filler has to be injected should be chosen according to the gender. As it adds that perfect look that is needed.

Though women welcome wrinkles much earlier than men, it is also mandatory for men to keep themselves groomed to gain self-confidence and also which improves their personality.

Though the type of dermal fillers used for both the genders remain same, the quantity used and the outcome may vary for both men and women. It may not come as a shock as iconic male stars like Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Vladimir Putin are a few, who have opted for facial fillers to look younger.


Decide before getting your Dermal Fillers

Although dermal fillers are suitable for both the genders and have been proven with its effects that you can go for it, you should decide if dermal fillers will suit you and will be right for you. In order to decide that, you have some things to follow:

  • Consult your doctor if dermal fillers will suit your skin type
  • Go for a check-up in any of the nearby treatment centers
  • Check if you are allergic to any kind of cosmetics or fillers
  • Take the pretreatment consultations
  • Make sure you have chosen the best treatment center as it plays a major role
  • Make sure that your skin is injected with the dermal filler of your skin type

It is the most important part in getting your skin injected with fillers. This is because your face is something that you wouldn’t want to take risk with. Also, once injected with inappropriate filler for your skin type, the reactions might become severe even leading to permanent, ever-lasting side effects. So it is always better to take a wise decision.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long do Dermal Fillers usually last?

Once you have decided that you are planning to get dermal fillers, the next thing that bugs your mind is the result and outcome of the treatment. So how long do dermal fillers usually last? The result of the dermal fillers basically depends on the type of filler that is being injected.

  • All the Juvederm type fillers last for a maximum of twelve months except for Juvederm Voluma as it lasts for approximately two years.
  • Restylane-L filler generally last for a time period of four and a half months to nine months.
  • Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne last for twelve months
  • Restylane Lyft lasts for twelve months or even longer
  • Restylane Silk stays in your skin for somewhere around six months.
  • Sculptra typically lasts for two years of time.
  • Radiesse produces results that are long-lasting. The outcome of Radiesse type dermal fillers stays for around 18 months to 24 months.
  • One of the best known fillers, Belotero Balance, does not fade away in any time less than six months.

Thus, you are allowed to choose your filler based on their results.


How different is Dermal Filler from Botox?

There is a common misconception among people that, dermal fillers are similar to Botox, another facial injection that is used in market. The basic and yet, the biggest difference between Botox and a dermal filler is that, Botox freezes the muscles to stop them from wrinkling and stops them from ceasing effect.

Botox is generally used in the upper half of the face. Whereas, when dermal fillers are considered, they are injected in almost all parts of the face with few exceptions and they do not hold the muscles but just

  • add volume to the sunken skin
  • plump lips and cheeks
  • soften your skin
  • remove wrinkles and fine lines

Therefore, for people who have been deceived by the false fact that Botox and dermal fillers are one and the same, they are not. They are different in their actions, in their types, in their results and unique in their side effects too.

The side effects of Botox are gallbladder problems, nausea, flu, visionary problems whereas, the side effects of dermal fillers are rashes, irritation, scars, redness etc. These side effects are expected only in the case of using both the fillers in an inappropriate way.

Is there a best Dermal Filler?

After acquiring the knowledge of both Botox and dermal fillers, if you have decided to go with dermal fillers, your mind would automatically look in the market for the best dermal filler that is available. In fact, all the dermal fillers in the market are best.

The dermal fillers grade is usually decided by factors that may vary with each individual. There is no standardized dermal filler that is termed as best. If a dermal filler suits your skin type, doesn’t cause any side effects, gives the best result that you wanted and seems to be pocket friendly then, it has to be the best dermal filler for you.

The facial filler suiting your skin and appearing to be the best for your skin type may or may not give the same results to another individual with different skin type and different expectations. So, in order to identify the best filler, you must identify your skin type and then search accordingly.

Dermal Fillers can also be used for prevention

Since you would have chosen the dermal filler of your skin type and convinced that it is the best filler available in the market, you must have started thinking the positive outcomes of the fillers. To make you fall heads over heals with the dermal fillers, you have to be supplied with the knowledge that dermal fillers can also be used as prevention and not only as a cure.

Dermal fillers, if injected before the development of wrinkles, fine lines and sunken volume of skin, can keep you far away from these ageing problems.

Since these fillers work from inside your skin, it provides more efficiency and gives far better results apart from delaying the arrival of all skin related issues that make you look older than you wished. Thus, these dermal fillers also justify the statement ‘Prevention is always better than cure’.

Dermal fillers, in fact, are advised to be injected at the proper age, people started to take them before 2-3 years of attaining that ‘proper age’. Planning to build a better prevention system? You got it.