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Unwanted Chin Hairs

Unwanted Chin Hairs – Why They Occur & What Is The Cure

Removal of unwanted hair on chin

Hairs are one of the most beautiful gifts from the god to the mankind. They not only help in maintaining the body temperature but also make us look and feel gorgeous.

Most of us are concerned about their hair. They go to great lengths to take the best care of their hair. This is to prevent many hair issues such as hair loss, baldness, dandruff, split ends, etc.

But, there is someone who is extremely worried about her hair growth. She is looking for ways to get rid of this problem, permanently. It definitely sounds surprising, but is hundred percent true for eight out of every hundred women.

So, one day, she noticed this unwanted hair on her chin that she plucked out, thinking it won’t grow back again. Though, since then till now, managing her chin hair has become an essential part of her skin care routine. Her concern for chin hair has led her to a dermatologist’s office, where, much to her surprise, she found that hormone is the real culprit for her hair woes.

The next part of this post will contain a dermatologist’s perception on excessive hair growth on unwanted body parts of some females, have a read of it.


What Triggers Hair Growth on Chin

According to dermatologists, unwanted facial hairs in women is a most common issue. It results due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. This renowned dermatologist is a member of Dermatology and Laser Group. He opines further that from adolescent girls to women in their twenties start noticing stray hairs on their face.

The number of stray hairs can increase with the age and may vary from one female to other female. However, the weird thing is that you cannot get rid of them permanently.

Even permanent hair removal procedures like electrolysis and Alma Soprano Ice: Diode Laser Hair Removal fails to completely end the facial hair growth in women. And, they have to take periodic touch up sessions as new hairs always keep emerging on the affected area.

Suzie Welsh, Hormone Expert, throws more light on the discussion. She says its Testosterone that is responsible for the Hirsutism in women. It is a medical condition in which excessive hair growth occurs on unwanted body parts in women.

Hormonal imbalance can be linked to a number of medical/physical conditions in women. Due to this level of Testosterone in the blood stream can increase.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone traces of which are also found in females. Usually, Testosterones are bound with a range of proteins. This is to perform specific activities in different body parts in male and female, both. But, when this testosterone isn’t bound with a protein, it is called as free Testosterone. When the level of free testosterone increases in the blood, it can result in hirsutism or unwanted hair growth.

So, basically, chin hairs in women occur due to two reasons –
1. Hormonal imbalance and
2. Hormonal fluctuation

Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – PCOS, have an increased level of Testosterone in their blood stream. This is due to increased rate of hormonal fluctuation.

As stated above, this free Testosterone increases chin hair growth. Likewise, due to Adrenal disorder, the coordination among different hormonal glands goes wrong. And hence, they cannot control the activity of sex hormones. This sort of hormonal imbalance is observed in women who are closer to their menopause. The side effect of this whole issue is chin hair growth.

Depending upon the severity of hormonal imbalance and the amount of hair follicles, the hair growth pattern may vary. This is why few women have one or two strands of hairs on unwanted parts of their face like chin whilst others may have severe shagginess.

But, according to Dr. Akhavan, genetics is another influential factor in unwanted hair growth in women whilst ethnicity also affects hirsutism in females. Asian women, specially, Mongoloids and Blondes are less affected by hirsutism as compared to darker females.


How to End Unwanted Chin Hair

Hirsutism is a symptom not a disease. If you notice this syndrome after puberty, chances are that this is a sign of some serious medical condition. It may or may not be linked to some serious health issues; but, females will always want to get rid of their unwanted facial hair, permanently.

Dr. Akhavan emphasizes on Alma Soprano Ice: Diode Laser Hai Removal method as it’s a painless process to completely eradicated chin hairs in females. This highly effective method works well on all sorts of skin tones and there is no downtime associated with it. But, shaving, plucking, waxing, or threading can also be used to reduce unwanted hair growth. But none of the methods guarantees its permanence.

Since, hormonal hair growth is faster than normal hair growth on other body parts, an effective method like Alma Soprano Ice: Diode Laser Hair Removal is recommended for better results.

While concluding here, it is important to note that eliminating unwanted facial hairs never triggers the growth of extra hairs on the affected area. So, you can fearlessly go for laser hair removal treatment for a long lasting result.


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