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Dr. Rohit Batra: Best Skin Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Rohit Batra: The Best Dermatologist/Skin Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Clinic is a world-class Dermatology clinic in Delhi which provides both laser and aesthetic skincare treatments. Dr. Rohit Batra is one of the top Dermatologist/Skin Specialist in Delhi who is expert in both, clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology and uses the “Gold Standard” technology for every procedure and all skin types.


Dr. Rohit Batra: Best Skin Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Rohit Batra

M.B.B.S, MD (Dermatology)

Dealing with many skin and hair problems? Are you looking for a complete solution? A solution which will be both effective and investment worthy?

Dr. Rohit Batra is the Director of Derma World Skin Care and is known as the best notable dermatologists or the skin specialist in Delhi (West Delhi). Dr. Batra has made redefining excellence by providing 15 years of service with his remarkable work being a Trichologist, Skin Specialist, and Aesthetic Dermatologist. He is also a renowned Dermatosurgeon.


What makes Dr. Rohit Batra stand among World’s Best Dermatologists?

The words are not enough when there is no good work to cope up the sayings. A lot has been achieved by Dr. Batra and his team of a professionally trained Skin specialists. Along with bringing hope to the patients struggling with skin issues, Dr. Rohit Batra is setting high defined goals for the dermatologists and Specialists in the game of Skin and Hair treatment with the following standing out points:

A benchmark has been created

Associated with the high esteemed hospital of Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital speaks volumes about Dr. Rohit Batra. No doubt, the efficiency and the detailing involved in Mr. Batra’s work is in itself the living testimony for many! Words are less and the work in itself speaks volumes!

Tele Dermatologists

With advancement in technology, Dr. Batra’s advice could be sought using phone or email. Digital photos are shared by the patients and the concerns regarding skin, hair and cosmetics could be easily solved. It is a new way of cutting short distances to help patients, get diagnosed through visual imaging techniques, altogether saving time and energy of the patients located very far.

Specialization spectrum is way broader

Services aimed at performing skin, hair and cosmetically uplifting are achieved through various ways. Some of the treatment kinds are the treatment of acne, Skin tightening as well as whitening therapy, removing facial deformities, rectifying hair disorders, removing the tattoo etc. Some of the other treatments include Vitiligo, Fibroids, Psoriasis or other severe Skin Problems.

Absolute customizing options are available

Dr. Rohit makes it a point every time to provide the best to the patients. The medical team headed by Dr. Batra makes it the point to provide patients with absolute personal results. With the extreme intense years of experience, it has been made possible to provide absolutely customized results for better safety and personalized results.

Being awarded as the “ the best Skin Dermatologist in Delhi”, the doctor makes sure to not leave any stone unturned in achieving the best.

This dermatology clinic in Delhi has the most advanced treatments available under one roof. They take deep care to know the exact outcome, every patient desires for and strive together as a team towards it.

Treatment got new heights and scope

In the journey of providing the best to the patients, the doctor has brought international equipment to his clinic. This has surely stepped up the Skin Care game by many levels. One of such equipment is ALMA Soprano Lasers. These high end machines provide an all-time comprehensive and affordable care.

Why Dr. Rohit Batra?

The glory of his works can be evidently seen in his own clinic in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. The best treatment, affordability, good advice and the preferable pricing options are the few aspects which makes this clinic spot preferred to be visited by people coming from distant places od Delhi.

Dr. Batra’s continuous striving to bring justice to treatment seekers has made him come to the level of performing astonishing wonders. The recent case study was of 70 years old, who regained the process of skin tightening! His efforts are not only physical reforming but they accompany enlightening of soul and lives!





What is so exceptional about this passionate Dr. Rohit Batra?

Dr. Rohit has not confined his skills to Delhi only. His passion to bring out the best in people has helped Rohit to go beyond what normal Dermatologists would do! Whether it is writing in the leading daily journals or appearing on television, he has done it all. He keeps making efforts to help people deal with various sorts of skin problem and bring back the lost confidence in their lives.

As a contribution to his effort, the doctor is a mentor for the medical graduates coming from foreign, well-known invitee from all over the world to speak at National as well as International conferences.

Having performed over 350 vitiligo services, Dr. Rohit also likes to pen down his secrets of re-boosting skin and on some other disciplines of his choice. His writings are published on esteemed websites like and


Dr. Rohit Batra is also a Pediatric Dermatologist

Not only confined to the adults, but Dr. is also well experienced in treating the children and their skin issues as well. Children respond very differently with respect to the various treatments provided to them. They have a lot more of eagerness and at the same time less patience. Hence they desire and no doubt should be given more attention, care and concern.

A trained Pediatric Dermatologist, Dr. Rohit Batra, knows how to fight against Birthmarks, Scars, Acne, Birth Defects, Pityriasis Alba, Papular urticarial, alopecia areata or Atopic Dermatitis, Pyoderma, Warts, Impetigo, Hives, Fungal infections, , Dermatitis caused by Allergic Reactions etc.

Congenital skin conditions are also been treated with utter care and dedication. The safest kinds of equipment while treating children are specifically made to be used with children.


Dr. Rohit Batra’s Educational Background!

Having acquired degrees from esteemed universities Dr. Rohit is keenly interested in restoring lives and making scars, your defining beauty. The doctor has attained M.B.B.S from B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, University of Gujarat and degree of MD along with Dermatology, Leprology and Venereology from the prestigious Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College.


Achievements and Awards


What are the various treatments Dr. Rohit Batra helps with?

There is a wide range treatment which Dr. Rohit Batra provides. This range is extremely helpful in making your skin look great. These treatments are crafted with care to boost up the patient’s confidence level. Following are the various niches through which doctor and his professional and medically equipped team treats the patients:

The team makes sure to give patients the desired combination of treatment. The combination would definitely help you feel boosted in your confidence and relaxed as far as money is concerned.


Why DermaWorld Clinic, Delhi is the most preferable?

There have been various reasons like trust, post-treatment assistance and assurance of worth results. Some from many are listed below:

Professional and an expert team

You can get the best advice on any sort of skin concern sitting right at your home or even by visiting doctor in his cabin. The good quality images help the patients who seek clarity to understand the skin issue. No kind of lesion, skin irritation or mark is too trivial or too difficult for the team to solve!

The equipment is chosen with great care and made sure to rank among the world-class facilities

The kind of choice made while selecting a team of expert is done with great care. This is so true when it comes to selecting equipment for the treatment, the good quality choice will never leave patients with any kind of allergic or post-treatment reactions. Since the experts understand the amount of care you need for dealing with your skin and hair issues, the world-class level of equipment is taken for same.

Your Money and time are equally important

There is no doubt people are afraid to take into consideration the big and popular doctors. People are ready to go to places which will give them easy and better treatment opportunities, even if the treatment is not best.

The reason is the kind of time and money; they see is invested in the procedure with no guarantee of the treatment being a successful one. Not only money but also the energy is being invested of greater value.

DermaWorld respect you time & money & take utmost care to give you value for money at any cost.

Utmost confidentiality is maintained

If by any chance you want your details to be maintained private, this can be done with great care. For your convenience, only the medical team would be made aware of the details concerning your procedure. This would help them bring clarity and a good process in use.

You won’t need to wait for the response forever

You will not be kept in any kind of waiting. The way to contact your doctor is easy and gets you on tips wherever you are. The email and easy chat option are very helpful in keeping sync with your doctor, for any kind of quick help regarding the allergies and the reaction.

Hassle free online appointment booking for face to face consultation with Dr. Rohit Batra save your time.

With Dr. Batra’s easy and helpful guidance, you can totally step into that blemish free and confident life.


Few Videos by Dr. Rohit Batra


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Rohit Sharma

An expert would review the condition and then provide options for the same. There are multiple treatment options which an expert can offer you in order to treat the fungal infection. An expert would review the condition and then provide options for the same. There are multiple treatment options which an expert can offer you in order to treat the fungal infection.

Rohit Sharma

An expert would review the condition and then provide options for the same. There are multiple treatment options which an expert can offer you in order to treat the fungal infection. An expert would review the condition and then provide options for the same. There are multiple treatment options which an expert can offer you in order to treat the fungal infection.

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