Dr. Rohit Batra: Best Dermatologist/Skin Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Rohit Batra, The Best Dermatologist/Skin Specialist in Delhi


Dr. Rohit Batra (Dermatologist/Skin Specialist)Dr. Rohit Batra: Dermatologist/Skin Specialist | Pediatric Dermatologist Academic Qualification: MD, Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology  from Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College | M.B.B.S. from B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, University of Gujarat Awards & Achievements: Awarded, Leading Health Professional of the World, 2011 by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England | Nominated for Young Achievers Award 2011 by Times ET Now | Awarded, Best Dermatologist Award-2011 by Times Research (India) | Hon. Secretary, IADVL (Indian Association of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology) , Delhi Branch- 2013 | President, Young Dermatologists Society, India | Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology | Fellow, European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology  

Treatments Offered

Melasma/Pigmentation Treatment | Acne Treatment | Acne Scar Removal | Birth Marks Removal | Dermal Fillers | Tattoo Removal | Vitiligo Treatment | Botox | PRP to Cure Hair Loss | Laser Hair Removal

More Achievements

Dermatosurgeon: Performed over 350 vitiligo surgeries | Guest Speaker on various TV News Channels on Skin related problems | Regular column writer for leading newspaper and magazines  Invited Guest Speaker at various International and National Conferences | Mentor and Trainer for foreign medical graduates

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  aboutus_img Dr. Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Institute is a world-class center which provides both laser and aesthetic skincare treatments. Dr. Rohit Batra is one of the top Dermatologist/Skin Doctor in Delhi who is expert in both, clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology and uses the “Gold Standard” technology for every procedure and all skin types.

Why Dr. Rohit Batra as Skin Specialist?

Dr. Rohit Batra, Director of Derma World Skin Care based in Delhi (West Delhi), is amongst the most notable cosmetic dermatologists/skin specialist in the field of dermatology in Delhi. Having out-n-out of 15 years experience, his remarkable work as a Skin Specialist, Aesthetic Dermatologist, Trichologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, and Dermatosurgeon is evident from his own proposition clinic in Rajouri Garden, Delhi.

It is largely visited not only by nearby visitors, but people from different corners of Delhi come here for treatment because of reliability, affordability & trust factors.

The positive outcomes from even the most challenging problems did do justice to his efforts of all these years. For example, a 70 year old woman who got treated by Dr. Rohi Batra for Skin Tightening achieved her results in that later stages of life, which is nothing but commendable.

Dr. Rohit Batra offers allied treatment for Skin, Hair, and Nail & Body Shaping with a fulfilling experience at both the medical as well as aesthetic level. The cosmetic beauty upgrades you not just on the external physical level, but the poise pervades deep to the psychic level, enlivening lives and souls.


Dr. Rohit Batra is speaking about Acne and Pimples & it’s treatments

What makes Skin Specialist Dr. Rohit Batra Incomparable in Delhi?

  • Multi Specialty Dermatologist- The superlative Skin specialist of Delhi caters his services as the consultant Dermatologist in one of the premier Hospitals of Delhi — Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. The MD Skin is associated to one of the hospitals in Delhi owning high eminence. Being a part of it reflects the specialist’s work ethics and competency for which he is known.
  • Consultant Dermatologist at Premiere Hospital- Sir Ganga Ram Hospital situated in the central Delhi is amongst the most visited hospitals due to its location based and quality of services. Dr. Batra consults patients during his OPD hours and is available on pre-appointment at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on 011-4225-4000. This makes him available throughout for obtaining easy & quick solutions to your Skin, Hair, Cosmetics or certain Body concerns.
  • Tele Dermatologist- Dr. Rohit Batra is the only nonpareil dermatologist in Delhi who provides Tele-dermatology. Patients can contact the specialist directly and discuss their problems via phone and email and they are diagnosed through digital photos.
  • Specialization- The Cosmetologist/Dermatologist specializes in a range of different modalities of aesthetics, such as Lasers, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing for Acne, Acne Burst Therapy, treating cases of severe Acne, Skin Whitening, Skin Tightening, Facial Deformities, Tattoo Removal, Hair disorders, Nail problems, Vitiligo, Fibroids, or other severe Skin Problems.
  • Customizability of Treatments- Dr. Rohit heads his team of professionals to give customized treatment to every patient that allows for more précised results & safety. In a short span of time, his sincere efforts and dedication made him awarded with the ‘best dermatologist’ in Delhi by Times Media. He has been making the most advanced skin treatments available at their Derma World Center. Their success is a reflection to understand and address the individual patient’s need to achieve realistic outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Treatment- In an Endeavour to make best out of the technology for cosmetic corrections, the dermatologist brought in international standard techniques to the capital like ALMA Soprano Lasers to provide an all time comprehensive and affordable care with highest safety standards maintained.


Dr. Rohit Batra is talking about Skin Problems

How to cure Melasma (Hyperpigmentation) on skin?

Dr Rohit Batra on Fungal Infection

Laser Treatment For Vitiligo

DR. Rohit Batra is also a Pediatric Dermatologist

Dr. Rohit Batra is a well-trained specialist to work with children having Skin and Hair issues. Children need special care and concern as they respond differently to specific treatment types with respect to adults. Being a trained pediatric dermatologist, the doctor excellently deals with various skin conditions, such as Birth Defects, Scars, Acne, Birthmarks, Pityriasis Alba, Pyoderma, Papular urticaria, Warts, Hives, Fungal infections, Impetigo, alopecia areata or Atopic Dermatitis, Dermatitis caused by Allergic Reactions etc.

Additionally, he also provides care for children suffering from skin conditions congenital in nature. The devices and supplies that the dermatologist works with for this specialty are specifically designed for use in only child patient cases.

Why Derma World Clinic in Delhi most preferred?

The Derma World Skin Clinic is centrally located in the market hub of Rajouri Garden, West Delhi and is easily accessible by metro. It caters to the surrounding areas of Rajender Nagar, Karol Bagh, Patel Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Kirti Nagar, Tilak Nagar & Central Delhi. Now the centre is not a recognized name in West Delhi but whole of Delhi. Dr. Rohit Batra has been striving and working tough to give a distinct identity and soul to the cosmetic/aesthetic industry, which resonates with its optimality and reliability of results.

So, what’s Unique about this clinic that is making it the preference of people in Delhi and nearby regions? In nutshell it is— the expertise of the specialist, the highest standard treatments, affordability, post procedure patient’s care & safe practices inside clinical office. To know more on, why Derma World Skin Clinic is all you need to resolve your skin & hair problems, scroll below:-

  • Expertise & Team of Experts- No skin or hair problem is too trivial or too difficult for the specialist to deal with. He is in a unique situation of a very visual science where the diagnosis can be made on the basis of good quality images and thus you can get consultation via sitting at your home. Whether you require simple advice on good skin care tips or consultation for Acne, Eczema, Itchy Skin, Rash, Mole/ Skin Cancer, Hair Loss, Hesitating Genital Problems, Pigmentation, Infections, etc- the tele-dermatologist services can help you from diagnosis to successful treatment of your problems.
  • World-Class Latest Treatments- At Dermaworld Skin Institute, the services related to Advanced Cosmetic Skin Care Treatments, International Standards Lasers, Hair Transplantation Surgery, Temporary Hair Restoration, Trichology, and Tele-Dermatology services are provided by Dr.Rohit Batra and his team of professionals. The Skin Center enter is commonly known to provide high quality treatment with constant care & cost-effectiveness & safe-keeping of patients that is generally provided in foreign countries.
  • No referral required: You need not have any source or referral from a known doctor to take appointment from the specialist which otherwise happens with other prestigious doctors. You can also book appointment with Dr.Rohit Batra at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where he serves as a Consultant Dermatologist. He is available there from as early as 8:00 am.
  • Save Money & Time: Consulting at Derma World significantly saves your money with its ethical fees & affordable treatments. You will find the center charging fraction of the cost of an-in private cosmetologist consultation which is comparatively quite high at Skin centers located in South, Central & North Delhi, even in some areas of West Delhi. Additionally located in Delhi’s heart it is easily reachable through road and metro.
  • Confidential advice: If you seek to ask the dermatologist, in confidence, your details will remain private and not shared for any purpose other than clinical with just the team.
  • Instant response: With the option to email, contact or online chat with a dermatologist on the phone, it becomes all easy to keep checking with the doctor for any issues.

Services Offered by Derma World Skin Clinic Delhi

The Skin Center offers complete care & treatment for all severe to mild Skin, Hair and Weight issues using the latest and most effective techniques. These includes:

Hair Loss/ Patterned Baldness /Alopecia /Alopecia Areata

For hair loss concerns in men & women, offer is of the most effective, safest and latest technology of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that helps in natural growth of hair. This is presently the most promising treatment for hair loss that is helpful for even younger patients. It also treats other skin concerns. Apart from this there are various other means of Hair Restoration including FUE, FUT, Robotic Hair transplant that are performed to create a head, dense packed with hair. A combination of treatment with UVA light therapy or medication to the Alopecia Areata patch has delivered effective outcomes for many individuals. Hair Replacement, Human Hair Extensions/Weaves & Dandruff treatment is also offered. Read more…

Laser Treatments

  • Laser surgery- A variety of skin problems ranging from hair loss to hair fall to thinning to wrinkles, scars, moles, birthmarks and other issues have been successfully treated with the advanced laser machines. Tattoo Removal through Laser has given incredible results in terms of quality as well as safety.
  • Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Face/Body &Targeted/ Restricted Areas – Laser hair removal at some clinics are just limited to removal of unwanted facial hair growth due to the use of continuing laser machines that fail to reach to other body areas. The introduction of the ‘Pain-free Hair-free latest technology of ALMA Soprano Pro Lasers’ by specialist Dr. Rohit Batra at Derma World has made it possible to get laser hair removal for sensitive areas like Bikini , Under Arms , Under Belly, Near Aerola or Legs. It works great for removal of pubic area, chest hair or men- beard shaping.Many Laser technicians claim to provide cheap laser hair removal. But the need is to get the real understanding that hair removal by IPL, Diode or made in China brands are not only monetarily cheap but quality of output is cheap too. It is not only result-restricted but cause damage or burns to skin.On the other hand, the ALMA Soprano Pro is today’s latest, safest & fastest technology of permanent laser hair removal machine available.
  • Laser resurfacing for Acne Scars- Delhi is a place filled with doctors and specialists, and all claims their services to best and/or better than the others in every aspect. But is that even suffice for a patient to take a try? It is about your skin, your beauty & body that need not to be compromised on other’s assertion but on real results. Acne has become like a centipede of a clinical problem that seems to be growing only. Dr. Rohit at Derma World, situated in West Delhi offers the best Fractional Laser Resurfacing of the Acneic Skin based o different individual profiles without compromising on the safety score.

Peeling Treatments for Pigmentation/Melasma/Skin Integrity

Peels have been in existence since 70BC, most hyped by last ruler of Egyptian kingdom— Queen Cleopatra, so talking about benefits is squandering only. Time has advanced, body biological tendencies are altered and it requires Peeling Treatments to be level-up & executed in a tailored form. At Derma World, alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid, glycolic acid, salyclic acid , Mandelic, kojic acid, yellow peel, pumpkin peels, etc are formulated in a way to burn the skin proteins and result in a fresh new, fair, luminous skin, which is free from pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, age spots and lines under the eyes. Peeling treatments is also done for Skin Whitening & Body Whitening. Various kinds of peels available at the clinic includes: -

  1. Deep peels
  2. Medium depth peels
  3. Superficial peels

Facial Treatment by Silhouette Soft

One of the exclusive facial treatments introduced & largely performed in USA is offered singularly at Derma World in Delhi to treat kinds of irregularities & cosmetic defects in different parts of the face like:

  • Sunken Cheeks & Mid Face areas
  • Facial Contouring
  • Ogee Curve Formation
  • Laugh Lines Correction
  • Jaw Line Contouring
  • Neck Lift & Tightening
  • Eyebrow Lift

This USFDA approved non surgical thread lift treatment delivers exceptionally excellent results in both men and women. Awarded as the Best Skin Tightening Device at the Anti-Ageing Medicine European Congress (AMEC) in Paris 2014, it has delivered unsurpassed results on huge number of our patients. The procedure is performed in just 30 minutes with just NO pain or discomfort.

Microdermabrasion for Severe Acne Treatment

Though Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is given mostly to remove/reduce acne, but the latest Microdermabrasion, Silk Peels, Light Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid Chemical Peels, are used in a manner that effectively normalizes the sebaceous cell growth thereby impeding inflammation, and reducing Acne. These specifically designed treatments not only effectively treat acne without aggressively irritating your skin like more traditional treatments but also help in exfoliating the outermost layer of skin, loosening blackheads, boosting collagen deep within the dermis to renew & revitalize the skin. A newer technology in Topical retinoids like Aczone also helps alleviate acne successfully. Read more…

Clinical Dermatology Treatments

  • Psoriasis/ Dermatitis/Vitiligo Treatment Problem of Psoriasis is honestly quite difficult to manage and control. However, the advancement in medical science has made it accomplishable with a well-planned treatment regimen. At Derma World, there are different kinds of treatments performed for type of Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Hair Dandruff and other severe skin diseases. Like, for large areas of the skin, Phototherapy in form of narrow band UVB is performed at times of interval until the psoriasis plaques subside.A latest treatment in form of Excimer Laser has been introduced that has given extremely successful results in treating psoriasis. There are other more systemic therapies that includes intravenous, retinoid or oral drugs that directly target a portion of the immune system that propels psoriasis & helps alleviating the problem safely and effectively.
  • Rosacea- A V-Beam Pulse Dye Laser and Photofacial- IPL treatment is provided to patients until the rosacea subsides. These treatments are effective, time-saving and painless.
  • Eczma- The most advanced Laser treatment through a sophisticated fiber optic device like the Excimer Laser is used to successfully treat patches of eczema. For more powerful results, oral antibiotics and anti-bacterial lotions are also used for Eczema treatment.
  • Warts- The freezing treatments are used to successfully eradicate warts. Applications of bandages that contain salicylic acid that helps in speeding the collapse of the wart are incorporated considering individual concerns.
  • Irritant Contact Dermatitis- A range of treatment for recurring flares, inflammation, bacterial infections, and allergies from exposure to irritants from environment is provided to reduce and prevent irritant dermatitis. Advanced Laser treatments are also used to treat small areas to control excessive itching and rubbing.
  • Dark Lips Treatment- Whether caused due to excessive Smoking, Pollution, Genetics or Aging, there is a complete solution to your problem of Dark Lips at Derma World West Delhi. We have various cosmetology & medical treatment to turn your dark lips into Pink Lips that are a sign of good health and are aesthetically beautiful. Our approaches to Dark Lips treatment includes:-
  • LASERS- Q- Switched Lasers
  • PEELS – Vitamin C, Arginine
  • Medical Treatment- Topical Creams and Oral Antioxidants

Cosmetic Injections

Natural Regaining Facial Fullness, Contouring, Defined Jaw Line, Wrinkle Smoothing, and Scarring has been become practical with the latest Collagen based Dermal Fillers. Botulinum toxic therapy, also known as Botox is performed to cosmetically improve facial features that do not look made or produced medically. We use the Botox by Allergen which is highest quality. Read more…


Precancerous skin patches, Fine lines, Scar Tissue and Tattoo removal are potentially treated using the high-speed rotating brush.

Mohs Surgery

This is a specific type of surgery carried out for skin cancer. The cancerous cells are eliminated from skin layers to cure and also prevent any further disease.

Skin Grafts & Flaps

The Missing Skin or Skin Loss from specific area of the body can be successfully repaired by grafting of tissue without its own blood supply.

Vein Therapy

Superficial leg veins also known as spider veins are treated through Sclerotherpay that cause them to permanently shut thereby making them less distinct or vanish completely.


You are not just treated for the disorders, but you are first accurately diagnosed to take forward the treatment in the most transparent manner. It is also carried under suspicion of nevi and melanoma in the skin. At Derma World, Skin biopsies are primarily conducted to diagnose or rule out certain skin conditions and according the treatment is tailored. The kinds of biopsy carried out are:

  • Shave biopsies in which small sections of the top layer of skin is removed
  • Punch biopsies which removes a small circular section including deeper layers,
  • Excision biopsies that remove complete areas of abnormal-looking skin.

The clinic also offers holistic treatment for

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Lichen Planus
  • Anaemia
  • Pityriasis alba
  • Urticaria and allergies
  • Pyoderma
  • Impetigo
  • Nail Disorders
  • Body Contouring
  • Whitening Treatments
  • Paedretic Dermatology

Quality Policy at Derma World Delhi

While adhering to high ethical standards, medical practices, the center endeavors to make clients as desirably attractive and cosmetically pretty at both physical & psychological level. Employing the most advanced technology put the client’s best interests first.

Devices like Fat Loss Equipments or lasers are USFDA approved which are among the world’s best, some of which are available for the first time in Delhi India. No cheap variants of any machinery are used.

Beauty has once been only a luxury for the affluent only, but now it has become a necessity for majority of people and Derma World is working to make it every bit affordable for all along with providing world-class services, well-trained practitioners, ensuring, continually client satisfaction.