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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Best Laser Hair Removal for Men in Delhi

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Laser hair removal treatments have been here for a while but they were never as popular as they are today, thanks to the advancement in the technology and the increasing desire of people to stay well-groomed and presentable at all times.

But the most interesting part of the story is that it is not just the women are contributing to the ever increasing popularity of laser hair removal treatments, rather there are an increasing number of men who are not shying away to test the waters and have taken a call on the treatment.


Why more & more men going for the procedure, in fact percentage of men are more

According to the popular magazine Fashion Times, more and more men are opting for Laser Hair Removal and they have all the good reasons for it! Today, it is not just the women who desire to look polished and perfect; the trend is rising among the men as well and laser hair removal sounds like a perfect gateway to it. The more the treatment is becoming popular, more and more men seem to be opting for it.

While every man will have his own reason to get the treatment, some of the top reasons why men choose to have the Laser Hair Removal Treatment include:

  1. Careers: There are several career options where having a clean shaved body is a necessity such as body builders, actors, models and entertainers. Different sports such as swimming, cycling, weight-lifting and body building require a no-hair body.
  2. Problem of ingrown hair: An ingrown hair is the one that is unable to grow out of the follicle, as it is unsightly and painful. If the problem is not solved, it recurs and can require a minor yet painful surgery to get rid of it. Several men suffer from the problem and they choose to resort to Laser hair Removal treatment to solve their problem.
  3. Aesthetics: More and more men are getting conscious of their self-image and choose to be well-groomed at all times. They want to feel more confident and have a higher self-esteem and so they choose to treat their receding hair line or get beard shaping with Laser hair Removal treatment.
  4. Health and Hygiene: There are several men who choose the treatment for health and hygiene factor than for Aesthetics. Removal of hair means moisture and heat does not get trapped by the hair, so there will be no breeding ground for bacteria. Hair removal treatment directly results in long term health and hygiene as well.
  5. To please the partner: Last but certainly not the least, there are several men out there who are doing it for their lady. Just like men appreciate well-groomed women, women also like men who are hygienic and well-groomed and men have to know that. A large percentage of men happily agree to the fact that they are getting the treatment done to please their partner or their partner asked for it.


Areas popular among men for LHR

Laser Hair Removal Treatment for men is a wonderful way to eliminate unwanted hair from those parts of the body that are difficult to reach otherwise, such as the shoulders, back or the buttocks.

The procedure is also a boon for young, metropolitan man who is looking to maintain a clean, hygienic and a dapper look at all times. The treatment is an ideal way to replace temporary hair removal techniques such as shaving, tweezing or waxing that can be inconvenient, time consuming, and extremely messy.

Some of the areas that are popular among men for Laser hair Removal are:

  1. Beard Shaping: There can be nothing better than a laser hair removal treatment for beard shaping, as it is ideal to shape your facial hair. The procedure helps you to get rid of those unwanted hair that you have to trim regularly such as the top part of the cheeks, neck region, stragglers around the beard or even forehead. The neck region happens to be a common site for ingrown hair that can be unsightly and painful and undergoing the treatment can help you to get rid of the problem forever.
  2. Cheeks: If you are a young, metropolitan man who is busy and finds it difficult to continue with a regular shaving regime without affecting their productivity or lifestyle, you must consider laser hair removal treatment. Regular shaving also has other problems such as inflammation, ingrown hair or pesky razor bumps, cuts and wounds. So in case you are a candidate for a clean shaved look and do not contemplate growing a beard or a moustache, you should not have second thoughts about undergoing a laser hair removal treatment. It is easy, convenient, long-lasting and precise.
  3. Chest: Gone are the days when hair on the chest used to be a matter of masculinity and pride. It is now believed to be unhygienic and a matter of embarrassment. Temporary hair removal techniques such as waxing, tweezing or shaving are not just inconvenient but painful as well. Laser hair removal treatment can be a quick and convenient solution to remove the hair on the chest which is a large surface area. Using the treatment also results in the thinning of hair that makes it very easy to remove them permanently.
  4. Back: Thick hair on men’s back is not just a big put-off but is difficult to reach as well. Since it can be a challenge to get rid of them with the temporary hair removal techniques, Laser hair removal can be a perfect solution to the problem. Clean and smooth back and shoulders are a desire of every man but a necessity for individuals in the profession of body building, weight lifting or modeling.  With a series of few sessions of the laser hair removal treatment, men can get rid of the heavy hair line on their back and shoulders forever.
  5. Arms: More and more men are also opting for permanent hair removal from arms and legs. These men can be sports person involved in sports such as swimming, body building or weight lifting that demand a no-hair body. They can be models or entertainers who have a lot of media presence and need to look well groomed and presentable at all times.
  6. Legs

Laser Hair Removal treatments for legs are also popular among men and it doesn’t necessarily have to be for men who belong to presentable professions or careers such as modeling or entertainment. More and more men are commonly opting for LHR treatments for legs for hygiene and aesthetic reasons.

Permanent removal of hair leaves no scope for moisture and heat to get trapped in the hair follicle that is often the breeding ground of bacteria. It can ultimately result in infections and leads to painful medical treatments at a doctor’s clinic. Choosing Laser hair removal treatments lets you choose hygiene and freedom from such problems permanently!

Once a man decides the area or the areas that he needs to be treated, he can get a better idea of the number of sessions he will require, the time duration of the treatment and the final cost for the same.