Birth Mark Removal

Birthmarks are splotches on the skin that may vary in shape, size and color. Birthmarks can appear anywhere on the skin such as on the face. It has been observed that birthmarks can become a risk to your health, especially on the face or eyelids as they can be a sign of eye or brain problems. Birthmark removal in Delhi is provided by one of the renowned skin clinics in Delhi, namely Rohit Batra’s Dermaworld Skin Institute. Dr. Rohit Batra is one of the top dermatologists in Delhi providing aesthetic skin treatments.

These marks are present at the time of birth and can occur on the face and the neck. If birthmarks are not treated properly, portwine birthmarks can get deep in color and increase in size and depth with age. They can even become raised, increasibility to chronic infections, abrasion, ulcerations and circulatory problems. Therefore, they should be treated as soon as possible. Some birthmarks go away completely by themselves while others do not. Four types of classifications of birthmarks are present which are mentioned below:

  • Hemangioma’s Hemangiom’s lesions develop on infants within a few weeks after the birth. These are most common type of tumours that are found in infants around the head and neck. It may disappear within a few months bust most of the times take years to fade or disappear.
  • Salmon patches Salmon patches are also known as macular stains and are thin, light colored patches of discoloration. Salmon patches usually appear on babies and are most common on the upper eyelids or the back of the neck. Patches on upper eyelids mostly disappear after the first year, but patches on the back mostly do not disappear.
  • Pigmentation type birthmarks These type of birthmark include moles, coffee-cream and Mangolian spots. Coffee cream spots happen due to much pigment in the skin, but they are not severe and do not require treatment or removal. Mongolian spots are usually blue to grey flat patches and usually fade and disappear on their own in the first five years of children lives. Moles usually pose no health risk; but may have cancerous effects later on in life.
  • Vascular malformations They are caused by abnormal development of blood vessel and are present from birth. These can be found anywhere on the body and do not fade or go away.

Birthmark Diagnosis and Treatment

There is not only a single treatment recommendation that fits for any birthmark as treatment depends on the birthmark itself. The first basic step is to consult a paediatrician or facial plastic surgeon for proper diagnosis of the birthmark. But there is one treatment that has helped a lot in the birth mark treat is laser technology. By making use of a high-energy pulsing laser, birthmarks can now be easily and accurately removed. Laser surgery is painless and requires no anesthetic. You will feel a slight tingling sensation while no pain or discomfort appears. Laser treatment can lighten the dark tones of birthmarks, coffee-cream birthmarks and can also even out the tone of original birthmark completely. Though, port-wine stain birthmarks require intensive laser treatment. Skin laser treatment in Delhi is offered at affordable prices with the help of experienced doctors.

Benefits of laser treatments for birthmark removal:

  • Laser treatments of birthmarks can take anywhere from only a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size, shape and intensity of the birthmark.
  • Laser birthmark removal procedures are usually done at an in-office appointment or in a doctor’s surgical suite, depending on the intensity of the treatment required.
  • No hospital, or overnight stay, is required.
  • There is very little healing time after the removal of a birthmark. Though in some cases, tenderness or bruising may occur at the site of the birthmark, but it fades within one week.
  • In some cases, some bruising and tenderness may occur at the site of the birthmark, but usually fades within one week.

Moreover, risks involved in laser birthmark removal are minimal. It can happen that in some cases, uneven skin tone or dark areas of skin may occur. But most of these cosmetic risks can be corrected by a secondary laser treatment. In some cases, some bleeding, scabbing and bruising can occur, which are quite rare. Birthmark removal is done for various reasons from the patient’s dislike of their appearance to more severe problems like increased risk of glaucoma or seizures, if it is near the eye area.