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Expert Tips

Expert Tips

How can one improve their complexion?
The color of our skin is genetically determined, which means that we inherit our skin color from our parents. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent used to enhance skin complexion but being a chemical, it has several side effects and shouldn’t be used for a long period of time. Exposure to the sun should be avoided to prevent tanning of the skin. Apply sunscreen on the face, arms and legs. There are highly qualified skin specialists in Delhi who offer various skin treatments to improve skin complexion.

How does laser hair removal work?
 The laser is turned on for a millisecond and a beam of light is released on the skin. The light energy passes harmlessly through the skin and gets absorbed by the pigments in the hair follicle and hair shaft. This principle is known as selective photothermolysis. The absorption of laser energy disables the hair follicles, impairing their ability to grow.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
 Laser hair removal is a permanent hair reduction method and removes hair in stages, but reduction that is achieved is permanent. However, if there is any underlying cause which is not corrected, can cause recurrence of the hair.
Can all hair be removed in one sitting?
 No, not possible. It requires multiple sittings and the sittings depend on the type of hair and skin. Time of the treatment can vary based on the area. The upper lip takes only a few minutes while the back or legs may take an hour.
Is the laser hair removal painful?
 Not really. But, yes you will feel slight tingling. It feels like a mosquito bite or a mild prick, which is usually bearable. Since every individual’s threshold for pain varies; some people find it very painful in the more sensitive areas like upper lip and bikini line. Laser hair removal in Delhi is available at competitive prices.
It is often instructed that hair should not be threaded, waxed or bleached prior to laser. Is it so? Why?

Yes, it is true that hair should not be waxed, threaded or bleached at least 7-10 days prior to the laser hair removal. This is because with laser, the root of the hair is targeted. By threading or waxing, we remove the root and thus laser becomes ineffective. Bleaching takes away the melanin of the hair (the target) even if roots are present. This can be achieved by shaving, trimming or by using depilatory creams. Depilatory cream has to be used by the patient at home just prior to coming. But it can cause sensitization and develop allergy. So shaving is another option which allows patients to see hair growth prior to laser. 

Laser has lots of complications. Is it true?
 Not at all. Lasers do not cause any complications, if done by fully trained and experienced personnel. But these days, lasers are largely being used by untrained and non-medical people without having any particular knowledge of laser or skin anatomy. So make a selection only after confirming the authenticity of the clinic.
What are the common side effects of laser?
 Little discomfort or mild prick can be felt, which is generally bearable. Laser causes instant redness and swelling of the area which settles down in some time with or without medication. Little inflammation and reddishness post laser is a must and should occur. But it never stays beyond a few hours.
Any precautions to be taken in post laser period?
 Yes, protection from the sun is a must. Sunscreen should be applied vigorously for a few days post laser. A mild topical anti-inflammatory lotion should be applied for 1-2 days after laser to help the inflammation and redness settle faster. There is no other major care required.
Can facial make-up be applied soon after laser?
 Yes, facial make-up can be applied soon after the laser as it also acts as a good sunscreen. But, any irritant cosmetic should be avoided for one day i.e. the day laser is done. According to the top dermatologist in Delhi, facial beauty treatments like bleaching should be avoided for 3-4 days following laser treatment as there is a little sensitization of the skin.
What happens to the skin after treatment?
 Within half an hour of treatment, the area which is laser treated becomes red or pink. Clients describe this as sunburn which usually settles down within a day or two. If required, doctor may suggest a topical cream to apply to the treated areas.
What should I do after I am treated?
 Following the treatment, you can continue with your routine activities, and treated areas should be handled with care. The area can be cleaned using mild soap or water. Tanning should be avoided and use a sunscreen on any treated areas exposed to the sun.
Is treatment safe during pregnancy?
 Although no known adverse reactions upon a fetus are known, we still recommend not to proceed with treatment if you are pregnant.
Lastly, is laser expensive?
 If you consider in lump sum, it is. In the sense, the sittings are expensive and 5-6 sittings are required. But if we see in general the money which a person spends on threading and waxing for years, laser turns out to be cheaper.
Are moisturisers necessary?
 Yes, moisturizers are necessary. They form an occlusive film on the skin which helps in binding the moisture and prevents the skin from drying out.
What is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair?
 Arms, legs and underarms can be waxed, but never wax the hair on your face, chest and back. If you use hair removing creams, use them cautiously as they can burn the skin if left longer than required.
How can I prevent tanning?
 Skin specialists in Delhi advice to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible. Use a sun block of SPF 30 plus.