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Laser Hair Removal Cost

LHR Cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost in India, particularly Delhi region

Laser removal techniques are becoming quite common in India. Both, gents and ladies are adopting the method, to avoid unwanted hairs from their body part be it chin, chest, armpit, thighs, back anywhere.

No one of us would like to be seen with unwanted excessive hair on our face, thighs, feet, arms and all other exposed or unexposed area of our body parts.

But, a general question keeps coming to every one’s mind who is a prospective client for laser removal or has under gone it, that is the therapy costly? If not, does it really last longs and effective?

Cost Factors

Laser Hair Removal Cost depends on various factors, like area of treatment, type of laser used, type of skin and hair to be treated, number of sessions to be carried on.

Area of treatment- The area which the patient wants to be treated is the most important factor in determining the cost. Larger areas of the body are charged higher than small patches as it takes more time. For example, on an average, treating a thigh region takes 30-40 minutes.

Skin and Hair Types – The density, thickness, and length of the hair and the skin types and shades play an important role in determining the method and overall cost of treatment.

Standard of clinic – The total cost of the treatment also depends on the standard and quality of the clinic to get the treatment. There are various clinics and hospitals that provide laser treatment in Delhi region and cost of the treatment varies from clinic to clinic.

Number of sessions – The cost of the entire treatment is divided into a number of sessions which is priced differently. It is important for patients to take note of the number of sessions which they would need to complete the treatment. On an average, 5-6 sessions are conducted, but in few cases, this may go up to 8 as well, which again increases the cost.

Laser hair removal center in India across metro cities keep their price very competitive and charges:

  • For under arms Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3000
  • Full Body (Single Session): Rs. 7,500 – Rs. 15,000
  • Full Body (Six Sessions): Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 1,40,000
  • For a full facial hair removal charges vary from: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,500
  • For male chest area it is approximately: Rs. 3,500 – Rs. 4,500
  • For female bikini area: Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 5,000
  • Full legs and thighs hair removal: Rs. 4000 to Rs. 8,000
  • Full arms laser hair removal: Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 7,000

Several clinics offer bundled packages which considerably brings down the cost per session.

Some of the places provide free consultation, others charge a marginal fee of Rs. 500 for the consultation and subsequently design the course of treatment depending upon the number of days and the session required to remove the unwanted hair.

Many centers have also tied up with financing company to provide an easy EMI option to the patients to avoid the one-time pinch in the pocket.

Following are few points to keep in mind, in order to avoid a one-time pinch on pocket, while undergoing laser hair removal.

  1. 1) Visit a certified derma clinic and do proper research as to what type of skin you have and how much session of sittings and what type of laser equipment will be used to do the laser hair removal. A proper consultation with the dermatologist is a must, who will clearly tell the time required and the expense involved. Pricing typically depends upon factors like, overall quality of the service and all the procedures being conducted by licensed, trained and certified medical practitioners.
  2. 2) Choose a good package or payment system where one has the option of paying in installments rather than going for a one-time settlement. The patient should also look out for all the hidden charges and what all facilities are being covered under the package. Most of the times doctor provides post-treatment and pre-treatment consultation free of cost, but at some places these are also charged. There are clinics which also pay certain discounts when few things are bundled and hence the person should be aware of that as well. Also, the lager area like the male back or thighs require an intensive laser therapy which requires more time as well as more sittings, these lager areas of laser removal must be done in installments.
  3. 3) There might be an after-therapy cost involved or so-called maintenance cost, for which the patients should have calculated and have made proper provisions for the expenditure involved. Although, there are no fixed results when dealing with a biological process, such as body hair growth. However, Clients may expect 70-80 percent reduction over 6-10 sessions which is great, with some stubborn areas needing periodic maintenance, hence additional sessions might be required.
  4. Lastly, one should not fall in the trap of big discounts, because this is a critical area where a expert in dermatology and hair removal with laser techniques is required, and just considering the low cost and going for cheap one, might give an awful result. Lower prices often signal that some resources are being compromised. The machines may be outdated, the service providers may not be trained, or licensed. Another important consideration which is worth taking into account is the sterilization and hygiene practices, if not sufficient, can lead to serious consequences.

Laser hair removal techniques are one of the best techniques to get rid of unwanted hair and the hassle of saving it daily. No doubt this is a one-time investment, but the returns on the investment is also huge, providing comforts.

An average person shaves daily or waxes weekly, calculating the total time and energy and required materials for all these sums up surprisingly much higher than the average cost of a lifetime of laser hair removal.

There is apprehension in the mind of people that this therapy might have negative impacts on the skin and the hair. But, this is completely wrong as it is one of the most advanced, clinically safe and widely accepted method for permanent hair removal.

The reason behind ongoing popularity of laser hair removal is long lasting and promising results. However, the laser hair removal cost and notions associated with the laser treatment are the main reason that people hesitate to go for laser hair removal.

The most common hindrance between the laser treatment and a person willing for it to undergo, is always the question “how much does full body laser hair removal cost?”

The prices are indicative of the prices in Delhi/NCR region.