Wrinkle Treatment in Delhi

At Derma World, the aesthetic dermatology treatments have been revolutionized incorporating latest clinical technologies showing real results. Aging baby boomers, making up a large proportion of the population who wish to look younger but are bypassing the traditional technologies of invasive-surgery or plastic surgery & highly favors our anti-aging treatment clinic services for natural results & passable pricing.

Come visit us for the Botox treatment which is presently the best anti aging treatment for a non surgical facelift and no other treatment can match it in terms of longevity of results and innovations. Our gamut of anti-aging & rejuvenation treatments also includes microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, transderm, PRP, Botox, correcting peels and many more.

What is Botox ®

anti_wrinkle_treatments_imgA highly purified protein when injected into a specific area of skin by skin specialist, it makes the muscles relax so not to be able to create muscular movement and wrinkles. The effect may take up to 3-5 days for the maximum effect to be apparent where the area becomes smooth and relaxed and wrinkle free.

Botox is a highly purified protein which when injected into a specific area of the skin makes the muscles relax so that they are unable to create muscular movement and wrinkles. The results may be apparent within 3-5 days where the area becomes smooth, relaxed and wrinkle free.

Botox® removes and smoothens out the wrinkle-affected areas and provides a fresh and youthful look. The effects of smoothing the muscle do not allow wrinkles to appear. The procedure is becoming increasingly popular and more people are undergoing it to reduce wrinkles from forming as well as smoothing out the existing ones. Another option to Botox is Microdermabrasion or “Skin polishing”

The Botox® treatment greatly reduces wrinkles in the forehead, between the eye brows, crows feet, lines around the mouth and bunny lines on the nose to provide a line free and fresher appearance.

It can also significantly reduce the excessive sweating problem known as Hyperhidrosis in areas like hands and armpits.

Many users who have undergone Botox® treatment in the forehead area have reported considerable reduction in headaches and effects of migraine due to the relaxation of the muscles.

Our highly experienced and professional team of consultants visualize your facial functions and minimize any possible loss of facial expression.

Side effects are minimal and will be discussed with you as part of the assessment consultation.

Botox ® Treatment Cost

The cost of the Botox ® treatment varies with the type of treatment. Original Botox ® will cost higher than those which are available without any brand name. But the Botulinum Toxin without any brand name is less effective when compared with the original. The cost also depends on the number of units needed for your treatment which is different for different skin types and the areas of the treatment.

Another very important thing to remember while opting for an Anti-aging treatment is that it must be taken under the expert supervision and consultation of a highly qualified doctor.

It is the least expensive cosmetic treatment for anti-aging, face lift, etc. However, it is a repetitive process whose cost can be calculated on an yearly basis. So there is no fixed price for a Botox ® Treatment Cost anywhere.