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Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne surely is quite a dreadful disease. It pesters the patients for long enough before leaving and when it gets over, then leaves acne scars behind. Also known by the name of acne vulgaris, this disease affects mostly on the facial, chest and back region and triggers white heads, black heads and pimple formation due to clogging of pores of skin with sebum and dead skin cells. By the time it gets over, patients are left behind with ugly acne scars of many a type. Why dreadful, because it ends up deteriorating the looks of the patient, leaving them prone to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. For getting acne scar treatment in Delhi, Dermaworld is one of the best clinics to choose, as the best dermatologist in Delhi treats patients here for their different kinds of skin ailments. The acne scar treatment cost in Delhi depends upon the type of treatment used. One can receive laser type of acne treatment in Delhi at very nominal costs.

Laser Treatment for acne is the fastest way to deal with hyperpigmentation and scars left by acne as it gets over, and at the same time, this treatment proves beneficial in inflammatory acne as well. Here are the pros and cons of Laser treatment for acne:

  • It is a bloodless procedure to cure acne scars, so the people who feel weird with blood should go for this procedure.
  • How it works is that laser heats up hemoglobin inside the blood capillaries and removes scars and pigmentation from the skin.
  • While the blood vessels heat up, they deprive the upper layers of skin from oxygen and nutrients, resulting in their shedding and getting replaced with new and healthier skin.
  • The laser treatment is directly proportional to the skin colour, the darker it is, the lesser it will work.
  • This treatment is directly proportional to skin sensitivity as well, the more sensitive skin is, the less successful this treatment will be.
  • Laser treatment surely cures acne scars and pigmentations, but not completely to 100%. Patients require to have a couple of sessions/sittings to get rid of most of the scars and pigmentations. A patient taking good care of the skin can have better results with the laser treatment.

The laser produces a very narrow band of wavelengths of light that is intensely monochromatic in nature. The best quality of this light is that it has a high effect on some particles and none on others, so it has a high effect on hemoglobin cells, heating them up to the required temperature, but at the same time, has no effect on the nearby cells. On choosing different setting, this laser can melt down the melanin and de-pigment the dark skin and help in gaining a lighter shade of skin. The laser can also help in getting rid of unwanted permanent tattoos as well, by vaporizing the ink through temperature. This process of the usage of laser to remove irregularities form the skin is called photothermolysis, in which it breaks down the selected tissues under the skin.

There can be a number of reasons that may cause acne vulgaris and all of these cannot be resolved by a single type of treatment, hence are treated with different types of treatments. For getting the best of skin and perfection, then the patient has to undergo several treatments as a combination or separate, for some time. Healing surely takes its time, no matter what the clinics may promise, a patient cannot have a perfect skin within a month, it surely would take a few sittings to give a smooth and healthy skin.