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The Right Kind of Make-up for your Acne Prone Skin

Posted by | Oct 09, 2017 |

None of us can deny the importance of looks in one’s life, notably if that person is a woman. And while we are talking about looks, make-up cannot stay far away from this conversation. With the early use of make-up dating back to over 6000 years ago, it is no surprise that woman still love it to hide blemishes and flaws on their face with the help of make-up.

Using makeup to enhance one’s looks becomes all the more important if you are suffering from acne. Whatever be the cause of acne, make-up can help hide it.

But is make-up good for the skin? Doesn’t it aggravate acne? Anyone taking an acne or acne scar treatment in Delhi or anywhere in India will tell you what they have heard from their doctors. Let’s see how much these theories stand true.

One can find dermatologists asking their patients to stay away from make-up as these cosmetic products can aggravate skin problems. This notion is based on the fact that many women do not completely and thoroughly wipe off the make-up while cleaning it, which can clog the pores and give acne a chance to attack the skin. But, many studies conclude that using make-up does not hinder the treatment that is being taken. In fact, many researchers conclude that patients feel more confident after using make-up and have a positive attitude during the treatment.

Make-up products, when properly selected, used, and removed, will not hamper the acne. A few points to consider while selecting make-up products for acne-prone skin are:

Choose products that are specially made for acne-prone skin, which means they should be suitable for oily skin, and must be non-irritating.

Do not cover the entire face with layers of concealer or foundation. Instead, use complementary colours to blend in the blemishes.

Use the right colours and shades to highlight areas on the face that draw the attention away from the acne or acne scars.

It is important to note that comedogenicity, which is a way to measure the amount of acne-causing ingredients in the end product, is a matter of dosage. The tests done to check this uses high quantity of such ingredients, which is not used in the same quantity in the make-up products. Thus making them safer to use.

Make-up can help you hide your flaws, giving you renewed confidence and a positive outlook towards the problem. But, at the same time, it is also important to take acne treatment from an experienced skin clinic for a healthier and blemish free skin.