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Do You Need a Hair Transplant?

Posted by | Aug 24, 2017 |

Hair loss is something that is easily found in both the genders, so no matter what gender it is, this disorder may affect. The first thing that hits the patients dealing with hair loss is the idea to get a hair transplant done and the things will be sorted once and for all. But, here is the catch, there are a few things needed to be considered before going for a hair transplant and getting back the lost hair. These are:

  1. Age
  2. Hair texture
  3. Skin and hair colour contrast
  4. Expectations

Age plays a major factor in both, hair loss and hair transplant, as the male patterned baldness grows with age and the bald spot advances with time. This could be easily understood by a simple equation, where age is directly proportional to the amount of hair loss. Prior to the surgery, the surgeon usually inspects and access the progression of hair loss.

Hair texture is the second factor playing a major role in defining a hair transplant. Thick, curly and coarse hair is the best suited ones for the job, as they look natural and cover the scalp in a much better way. For the people with fine hair, more settings are required to cover the bald area. Although people with thick and curly hair also need more than one sitting, but the area they cover is double or triple than what thin hair covers.

Hair and skin colour contrast is quite necessary, as if they are in a proper match, then it is easy to neutralize the artificial looks and give more of a natural look. On the other hand, if the contrast is more, then surely they will look quite artificial.

Expectations of the patient are yet another important factor to consider, as one has to be realistic with what he/she wants to achieve through the transplant. The natural looks through transplant are inversely proportional to the amount of hair loss.

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