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Why Laser Tattoo Removal is Better than It’s Alternative Methods

Tattoos have been around for quite some time now, however, in the past decade or so their popularity has witnessed an unprecedented rise. Today, as many as 50% of millennials either already have a tattoo or aspire to get one in the near future. That being said, not everyone is happy with the way their tattoos come up. Some people do not like their tattoo designs, the finish of their tattoos or have simply outgrown the desire to have a tattoo in the first place. So, if you’re one of them, don’t worry. You can easily opt for a tattoo removal procedure.

If you’ve been thinking of getting the procedure done, chances are, you must have heard that laser removal of a tattoo is better than other procedures. Wondering why so? Well, let us throw some light on the same.


Lasers use a high-intensity light beam to remove the tattoo by a way of breaking up the pigments.

Other treatments such as creams meant for tattoo removal only work on the uppermost surface of the skin. Since the ink is present in the layers of the skin, they fail to give any satisfactory results.


Based on the size of the tattoo, the colours used to make it, and the age of the tattoo, a qualified professional will customise the laser removal technique for you. He/she will also take into consideration your own complexion beforehand. This makes the process of removing it far more effective.

Creams and home remedies are often generic in nature, and hence can’t be expected to give comparable results.

Complete Elimination

Tattoo removal by laser varies from skin to skin. More often than not, the process of removal takes more than a couple of sittings. However, over the due course, the tattoo disappears almost completely.

Alternate skin treatments for tattoo removal simply lighten the shade of the tattoo. In almost all cases, these treatments show no success in complete removal of the tattoo designs.


Laser tattoo removal is generally uncomfortable, but can be easily carried out with the use of a topical anaesthesia cream.

Surgery is a more painful skin treatment which requires the use of local or in some cases even general anaesthesia.

Tattoo Removal Cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal generally depends on the number of treatments that the professional advises for. In any case, this cost is higher when compared to tattoo cream removal treatment. However, when it comes to the tattoo removal before and after results, laser treatment fare much better than all alternative methods.

We hope that you now know why you must visit a professional and get your tattoo removed using laser treatment!